Sunday, 31 December 2017

From AaronH: 28mm Games Workshop Dark Elf Reaper Bolt Thrower (20 Points)

This post is much later than my usual first entry. These models were supposed to be done day two of the Challenge. I hadn't used the Jade Green in awhile and squeezed a bit too hard to get it out, and got way too much. Since I hate to waste paint I then had to grab a couple more units of dark elves and use it on them. That means I have two more units nearing completion, but also that these took longer than planned.

A Reaper bolt thrower from GW.
My photo-fu is obviously off since this is over exposed. I haven't really taken any pictures of minis since the last challenge.

These colors grew somewhat organically. I didn't really plan the color scheme ahead of time. I was sure I did not want any purple in them, but other than that I didn't give it much thought. They strike me as sea based colors, so this army is obviously a raiding force.

My sons and I are going to be playing a Dragon Rampant campaign with whatever models strike our fancy. Rhys, who is 13, is in love with the Dark Elves, hence the first few units to be painted for this challenge.

This particular model is one of my favorite in the line. He seems like a great hero or messenger, as well as an artillery commander. He's really characterful.

This lady is scowling evilly at us all. She's also got some great detail on her and was fun to paint. The castings are very clean and crisp.

The bolt thrower is also a great model. It oozes menace and threat. It's one of my favorite parts of this army.

The basework is fairly arid. I didn't want this dread army to be based in lush green fields.

There are two more units of Dark Elves part painted, then I'll switch over to my younger son's army. He is going to be playing Lord of the Rings High Elves with some Galadrim models as well. I also have a couple of entries to add to "Fantasy up" my Romans, who will be my faction.

I believe this is 20 points for the two crew and the bolt thrower.


It's great to have you back to the Challenge, Aaron!

Wow, that is a nasty looking artillery piece, and I mean that in a good way.

The red bolts with the turquoise fletching is a great focal point and I also like the black woodwork against the silver metalwork. Very sharp indeed.

I can't tell you how many times I put out a too-large blob of paint and then decide to unpack stuff to use it up on. Too funny.

20 Points for your opening gambit on the roster. Well done, Aaron!


  1. Terrific! Your colour scheme looks ace.

  2. Awesome colour combos here, well done Aaron!

  3. The bad guys always have the coolest toys...
    ; )
    Nice work on these villains; I dare say your son will be thrilled to have some deadly firepower on the table!

  4. Lovely looking dark elves!
    Best Iain

  5. Great color scheme and very dangerous weapon as far as I remember from playing Warhammer Fantasy many-many moons ago

  6. Great colour choices! Purple and black are a little clichéd.

  7. Nice work, Aaron! Clean lines and it is great to see Dark Elf troops not in purple! My Mordenheim bunch are in greens and browns! ;)

  8. That bolt thrower is really something.

  9. Nice work. The blue, green scheme really does evoke the sea.