Sunday, 31 December 2017

From:VictorC: Two more WSS French Battalions make roll call (120 points)

Having this Christmas week off has provided me with ample time to paint.  I have completed another 2 French units for my WSS project.  The nice thing about these 2 units are they are the last French infantry units I need for the Battle of Almanza.  Now I'll start working on the Spanish.

Here are the photos:


Nice work, Tom! More WSS goodness for us to enjoy. 

It's great that the Challenge sees you finish these last two French units for your planned battle. Nothing says fresh units like seeing white glue still setting on the bases. ;) The hand painted flags are great and I like your wee unit labels at the rear of the command base. It's all about good organization!

A very tidy 120 points for your efforts. Well done!