Sunday, 31 December 2017

From JohnM: Finally some Epic (10 Points)

It has been a year since I added any figures to my Epic Armageddon Blood Angels force. I thought to celebrate the dawn of 2018 that it would be nice to paint some. In AHPCVII, I had painted my way to just over 2000 points of a planned 3000 point force. Time to add some, methinks.

I had these 5 vehicles left over from the prize I won in last year's challenge, so they were pulled out yesterday from the lead pile and I rushed to get them done before the New Year. They are certainly much more complicated to do than WWII 6 mm armour. I still do not have it right, but they look a little better than last year's efforts.

Falchion Superheavy Tank Destroyer
A Company of Predator Destructors

Well that is it for 2017, time to get ready to go out for the celebrations. Happy New to All!


Ah, it's great to see you painting up some of the loot you received last year. I think they look great (that 'Falchion' is so badass) and will be a much welcome addition to your Blood Angels force.

I think we counted the Super Heavy tanks as three standard vehicle models by the end of the Challenge last year, so we'll go with that. 14 points. Woo!  

Nice one, John. Now, go out and have a great New Years celebration.


  1. I love the predators, and your red works very well on them.

    And happy new years!

  2. Nothing like a bit of red to welcome in the New Year - nice work John :)

  3. Awww yeah! Now that's some top shelf Spess Mehreen armour; 'Epic' in every sense of the word!

  4. A worthy last project for 2017. I quite like the subtle weathering you did on the tracks.

  5. Very nice work picking out the details!

  6. Nice work on these vehicles, the red looks great.

  7. Good to see someone else doing Epic. Really, really nice indeed. Love em!

  8. Oh YEAH! Some more 30k goodness! You and Byron are pulling me away from my (admittedly flimsy) commitment to try and focus on historical stuff.

    That Falchion in particular looks great, and just wait until you get to fire it in a game! Good times await!

  9. The red does look very fine on these tanks! The Falcon is a mighty looking beast too! Nice to see it in it's war colors!