Sunday, 31 December 2017

From KyleC - Glotknight #1 Finished! (40 Points)

So yeah, spent the last week+ sculpting, converting, building and finally painting this beast of a model. Learned a lot of cool things, and was challenged on more than a few steps as well. But in the end he is now finished, and waiting for his brother to arrive ( which is going to be a bit as I am a bit burnt out from this one! ).

I had a ton of fun painting him up and am really happy that my deamon colors work well at this scale. I was unsure if it would work up until I began to paint it, but now I am happy with the end result.

As you can see he was heavily converted from the Glotkkin and Knight kits from Games Workshop. Trying to figure out how to tie them together was quite a chore, but I think I achieved it in the end. Though some pieces might look odd in how they sit, or I had to do some last minute changes on the piece after the paint was applied ( like the cables on his mech leg or his mech helmet there ) due to it not working or looking a bit off to me.

The entire inside of the body was hollow, but how is filled with Aluminum Foil to help bulk it up, and to give the putty something to grasp when filling in the gaps. Got to play with milliput and green stuff for the first time in what seems like forever. And I do hope to do more of that (well I need to on the next knight but hopefully on other projects also ).

Now to see how well he does in a game alongside Mortarion and perhaps Magnus the red ( whom is being painted now! ).

No idea on points for this, so will leave that to Curt and the rest of the Minions to sort out for a 28mm scaled monster knight that stands some 17+ cm tall!


Whoa!! Kyle, this guy is off the hook! I'm not a big fan of Nurgly things, but this is pretty amazballs. You've done a fabulous job in melding the two kits. and I like the the additions such as the power cabling and the fat little daemons frolicking on his shoulders. The painting is fantastic as well. I especially 'like' the icky purply bits - they look nasty, in a good way. :)

As to points. Hmm, lets say he's the equivalent to two 28mm vehicles with a bit extra for the excellent conversion work, so 40 points. 

Now, bring on that Magnus The Red!


  1. Great conversion and lovely painting!
    Best Iain

  2. He looks suitably pestilent I dare say! Still love your take on the colour scheme,

  3. Extremely effective conversion there, Kyle. One look at this guy and you want to disinfect your eyeballs.

    Yecch!(But in a GOOD way!)
    : )

  4. Wow! The conversion is good but the final result after painting is amazing

  5. A really impressive brute, Kyle! The conversion work is simple and clean( for nurgle anyway) and colors are really well done!
    This fellow is a wonderful centerpiece, but I look forward to seeing his brother! ;)

  6. Very impressive, the blues and purples look fantastic. It looks like a lot of work!

  7. Amazing stuff Kyle! The conversion work is really impressive. Can't wait to see the other knight finished