Sunday, 31 December 2017

From ByronM - More Ancient Greeks (95 Points)

Continuing with my Greek project, I have another unit of Warlord (Immortal) Greeks for your viewing pleasure, as well as a command stand of Spartans.

The command stand is made up of a pack of metal Spartans from Warlord and the quality is much better than the plastics.  Even though they still managed to get the arms wrong.  The arms are once again in a throwing motion, rather than an arm over spear for thrusting motion.  Oh well...  since I am painting a lot of the figures that have leather armour as if they had bronze armour, I probably shouldn't complain that much about things that most people wouldn't notice anyway.

I spent a lot more time on these, doing more blending and more highlights, which don't really show up in the pictures, but show up in person.  My thought being that the command stands will be looked at closer than the mass infantry units and should therefore get a bit more attention.

The second unit of Greeks that I have painted up is made up of the few cloth wearing models that come on each sprue in the various Warlord boxes.  Each sprue contains 2 of these, and one of the command sprues has another variant.  I decided to take them all and collect them into an unarmoured unit rather that could represent either militia or mercenaries.

Once again since they are meant for mass effect on the tabletop, they got a fairly basic treatment.  I blocked in colours, washed, then highlighted.  I then went over the shields and painted various colours and then applied decals.  After that is was a simple matter of basing them and they were done.  Not fancy but effective I think. 

So another 19 Greeks done, only about 200 left to go...

Oh, and following the rule of replacement, I ordered some Victrix Greeks to add (the order I thought was on the way was cancelled for some reason by the seller) to the force, including some peltasts, javelin and sling figures, which I will have to decide how to base as well.  I also ordered 2 sets of command figures from Gorgon miniatures for other command stands.  I am looking for more Greek command figures though, so if anyone has some suggestions I am open to them.


Really lovely work, Byron.  Again, you've nailed the warm bronze and red colours and your basing is wonderfully massed and, well, ... Peloponnesian. :)

The Gorgon stuff is wonderful and if you want some more of Saleh's work (one of my favourite sculptors) take a look at his Greek range that he did for Foundry:

It has some really spectacular models within it (and several suitable for commanders). 

More please. :)


  1. I just looked there Curt, THANK YOU! I honestly had not thought of it as most of their stuff tends to be small, but that actually works with this line. I am picking through to place an order now :-)

  2. Wow - that looks great Byron. Very cool to see this new period cranking off of the assembly line!

  3. Some more greek loveliness! That’s quite a pace you’re knocking these out.

    1. I have to get them done while I can! i go back to work next week, and it will slow down.... sigh

  4. The phalanx grows apace, very nice work, Byron!

  5. More nice Greeks there Byron :)

  6. That is a great looking unit, the brass work is amazing and I love the shields

  7. Lovely phalanx Byron! Keep it up please.

  8. Great pace Byron! Can’t wait to play a game with these fellows!

  9. Beautiful work, Byron! The bronze armor is a very nice rich shade! I quite like the mass citizen guard too.