Friday, 29 December 2017

From IannickM : Ukag's Mercenaries and Graaz the Savage (35 Points)

Hi everyone, finally here's my first post of the challenge! 

This year is a bit different for me as I'm also running an Oldhammer painting Challenge (The Old World Army Challenge) so I'm basically doing two challenges! Fortunately, double dipping is allowed and so there was no way I'd miss the Analogue challenge! It does mean however that you should expect a healthy dose of Oldhammer goodness, mostly in the form of the greenskin kind, as I'm working on a Forest Goblins army. 

My first entry is pure Oldhammer, with a trio of maybe the most iconic figures ever produced by Citadel Miniatures, the famous Jes Goodwin's Ogres mercenaries. Yes, appropriately, I start the challenge with a trio of monsters!

Ukag's Mercenaries
These guys are exactly how I imagine Ogres, with their touch of oriental/slavic armour and fashions. While my Goblin's colour scheme is a very colourful triad of yellow, orange and red, I wanted these guys to have a more somber, "business" look, while still fitting in the army. Consequently I used yellow and red to tie them the army, but offset by greys and dark green. I'm super happy with them, it's been a while since I've been that satisfied with a unit.

Boss Ukag himself, maybe my favourite miniature ever

For Ukag, the Mercenary Boss, I couldn't resist doing some stripped pants, and I'm quite happy with the results. The big yellow emblem really gives him a dash of colours on an otherwise subdued scheme.

Then we have "Mace" Nakog; I had to do one of the Ogres in a Christmas colour scheme, just had to!

"Mace" Nakog

And the third Ogre, Gurot the Butcher, a fantastic figure which was a lot of fun to paint. The mix of grey and yellow works really well I think, more than I first anticipated! 

Gurot the Butcher

And to finish this first submission, here is Graaz the Savage, the Warlord of my Forest Goblins army. It's the only figure of the project more recent than 1992, and comes from the Oldhammer inspired GreenSkins Wars from Knightmare Miniatures (Goblin fans have a look at their ranges there's a lot of awesome pieces). The figure is a bit bigger than the other goblins in my collection (although all were sculpted by Gobbo master Kev Adams) but it works perfectly as "DA Big Boss" of my army. It's also very Forest Goblin in it's style. 

So to open the Challenge, I believe this gives me 35pts. 10 each for the Ogres, who are rather large figures more on the 50 than 40mm and 5 for the goblin. 

Wishing you all a great Challenge!


Welcome back to the Challenge Iannick!

These guys are so awesome. I clearly remember when they were first released and being amazed at how cool they were. The trio has aged very well and you're vibrant brushwork really has done them justice here, Iannick. While Ukag is truly iconic, I have to say that I particularly like Gurot, hunched over his great axe, contemplating his impressively snaggletoothed underbite. 

Graaz the Savage is brilliant as well. I like his red gemstone necklace and boarskin cloak - well done.

I look forward to seeing these fellows grace your Old World Army Challenge. 


  1. Very impressive, Iannick - that's proper Oldhammer goodness there! Though I am a purist and would have preferred the bases painted Goblin Green with some ghastly sawdust flock for that real 1980's feel...
    ; )
    Great work, mate!

    1. Thanks! 80s figures, modern techniques ;-)

  2. Love ‘em! Very striking colour scheme.

  3. Very shiny orcs. Good color palette

  4. Nice! I remember my cousin having these sometime in the mid-90s and after seeing them alongside the rest of his army I spent the whole trip back home pestering my dad to buy me some miniatures as well. And thus I have ended up painting lead myself as well!

    Your paintjob definitely does justice to the classic minis!

  5. Ooo classic goodiness Iannick, great mini's!

  6. Great stuff, Classic as Sander says. Love the way you painted them.

  7. Classic figures and very well suited for Oldhammer too! They look fantastic and definitely have aged very well! I like the colors very much you selected for them Iannick!

  8. I absolutely love these figures as they are true classics as you say. Fantastic paint job on them, the yellow on the boss is particularly brilliant - love ‘em!

  9. Lovely work on classic figures!
    Best Iain

  10. Ah... C23 Goodwin goodness! What's not to like? I really like your colour choices Iannick. Now buy more and make a monster unit of monsters!

  11. AWESOME. Just classic, Iannick! Very well done, and I LOVE these figures! Great work.

  12. Thanks everyone for the comments, much appreciated!!

  13. Classic Oldhammer! Great photos as well.

  14. Lovely work on some classic sculpts!


  15. Classic minis beautifully painted