Friday, 29 December 2017

From Anthony O - Grav Tanks and some Space Clowns (40 points)

To finish off my entries for the free-for-all I painted up a Falcon and Wave Serpent Eldar Grav tank along with two random Eldar Harlequins I had hanging around.

The Falcon and Wave Serpent were painted using the blister pack foam, same as the jetbikes I posted a few days ago. I find this technique really quick and easy and hopefully these bigger miniatures will show you in better detail the effects that can be achieved. I had a few comments about using blister pack foam to do chipping, that's how I started as well before looking at a miniature one day and thinking that it could be using to more wide spread blending.

I did up a guide a year ago for Bolt Action LRDG vehicles using this technique to provide a cheap and easy alternative to traditional brushes and airbrushes. A major bonus is how cost effective it is as we all have buckets of foam lying around. If you wanted to take a look at that guide just search for Bolt Action - LRDG review and painting guide and it should pop up.

The Harlequins were an extra blister among the Eldar I obtained as a trade and I thought I would paint them as a challenge. I can't spend long on individual miniatures as I consider myself an army painter and I get bored easily so these were painted in around two hours. The miniatures are very detailed and were fun to paint. No idea if I can ever actually fit them into a list but that never stopped any of us painting things up before right?

For points the tanks are 15 points each and the Harlequins are 5 so a total of 40 points for this submission.


Space Clowns. That kills me. How apropos.

<rant mode/on>
 I can't tell you how much Greg and I despised fighting Eldar, especially early lists run by our friend DaveV, who is an absolute artist at using these aesthetic freaks. With their insane weapons, unkillable Wraithlords, silly floaty-jetty things and ridiculous Farseers it was a guaranteed recipe for the snapping of crayons. Every time one of our Marine armies would face them, there would be nothing but smoking boots and Rhino parts by turn six. Infuriating. Whenever I see an Eldar army my hand immediately twitches, wanting to grab a hammer. 

Ahh, I feel much better now.
<rant mode/off> ;)

Lovey work Anthony! I can clearly see your sponge effect on the wings of the Falcon and Wave Serpent - very effective. Again, I really like the contrast provided by the black 'splinter pattern' on the hulls. 

For two hours work those Clowns are pretty darn impressive. I still want to hit them with a hammer but they'd just dodge away...

40 points for you - well done! 


  1. Great looking Eldar tanks! I really like that red/orange sponge effect you've achieved, I might have to try that myself. And any man who paint harlequins has a mixture of my admiration and sympathy!

  2. The tanks are just as impressive as the bikes you did last, I really like that rich red color you gave them! The harlequin troops are very striking too...I agree with Curt. I wanna hit em with a hammer! I have the old RT Harleys and I've not painted them as the destruction they and other Eldar wrought on my IG was so terrible, fantasy dwarves added it to the book of grudges! ;)

  3. Oh god - Harlequins. "Space Douche Bags" is more like it. I still fondly recall using gas weapons to waste their sorry stuck-up space clown asses in games of Rogue Trader. Good memories.


    Some fine brush work here Anthony. While I tend to believe that God kicks a puppy any time anyone spends more than four seconds painting a Harlequin figure, I can't begrudge the clear skill on display here.

  4. I was never a big fan of Eldar, being more a firm believer of the might of the Imperial Guard. That said the older I get, the more I like these -ahem- somewhat androgynous buggers with their pointy ears. maybe it’s time to get some of these myself. Despite the misgivings of our dear Snowlord ;-)

    Fabulous painting and excellent use of that blister sponge technique.

  5. Lovely painting on these space elves especially the clowns!
    Best Iain

  6. Lovely work on the space clowns, Anthony - though will they get a grav transport of their own? They really should all float down here...
    ; )
    Great finish on those tanks as well, very schmick!

  7. I wish I could get my reds looking that good.

  8. Thanks everyone for you support, the hatred is so thick for the Space Clowns and Eldar that it is almost mandatory to run them bwahahaha