Friday, 29 December 2017

From PaulS: Adeptus Mechanicus (112 Points)

Earlier in the year I had a go at the 4 Generals painting challenge, where you start painting a new 40k army with the Quick Start box and slowly build up. These are the last few bits in the painting backlog.

This is the third Magus I've built, this time using the left over bits from the second. Both weapon army are from the Forge World kit, spliced onto the plastic body once the torso had been spun 180 degrees so that the robes sweep backwards instead of forwards.

Another box of infantry has generated 5 more Rangers to add to the pool

...and 5 more Vanguard.

To act as a screen I started to convert leftover Empire Flagellant bodies with some spare AdMech parts to use as some allied Adeptus Militarum conscripts. There are now another 11 to add to the squad, which means it is now only 1 shy of the minimum squad size.

So this little post is another 21 28mm figures and the magus, who towers over the others. Points on him are up to you Curt.


Wow, lovely brushwork Paul!

Ever since reading Dan Abnett's 'Titanicus', the Adeptus Mechanicus has become one of my favourite 30K/40K 'characters'. To me, the Mechanicum is what would happen if you left an OCD IT department on a planet by itself and came back ten generations later. :)

These guys look brilliant. The ubiquitous red is spot on, and I like the mixture of warm brass and various tones of alloys, especially on that amazing Magus figure (love the simple-but-effective 180 turn to the lower half of the figure). I'm a bit conflicted on how GW has approached the Mechanicus as they often seem a little too well-fed for me. I wish the human-cybernetic guys were a little more emaciated, similar to how John Blanche has them in his dantesque art. Anyway, your guys look terrific and I really like your use of Empire flagellants as las-fodder - a brilliant bit of kit-bashing.

These guys will give you 120 points for your climb up the points roster. Wonderful work, Paul!


  1. Really great work, it's so hard to make GW figures stick out as so many are painted but you have done a really good job on these. 👍

  2. Nice work on the modelling and the painting. Love the red!

  3. Lovely painting and modeling on a line where I love all the fluff!
    Best Iain

  4. Really like those! Great idea using the old flagelants this way.

  5. Really cool stuff Paul. Super creative kitbashing!

  6. Nice work in build and brush, Paul! I'm leaning to the Ad-Mech for techpriests and bodyguards for an add-on to the Cadian7th. I do have some empire models just waiting for the bits to make them servitors and bodyguard troops with the accompanying bits too! ;)

  7. Great brushwork, and excellent conversions! Well done!

  8. you've really made the colours work for you Paul,they look stunning!

  9. The blues and reds look great, very nicely done.