Friday, 29 December 2017

From NoelW: Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Durnfurd (5 Points)

My first post to my first challenge and, to be honest, it's a bit disappointing. Just about everything that might've gone wrong, seems to have happened - I finished this figure (WI's Giants in Miniature Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Durnford, as realized by Burt Lancaster in "Zulu Dawn") on December 21st. Trying Humbrol matt varnish for the first time, I produced a horribly shiny model, and attempting to matt that shininess with an artist's varnish (a) didn't work that well and (b) over-varnished the figure, obscuring some of the detail. By then, Christmas loomed, so the figure was put aside, and when I came back to it, I decided I had to repaint some of the detail as well as I could. The result was a lightening of the blue coat so that it's some distance from what I take to be the historical dark blue.

Here's the figure:

As you can see, I've also problems with photography. My little Sony camera is great for photographing demo games at shows, but can't get decent closeups of individual figures. And the background I'd hoped to use has somehow been mislaid in the disruption of putting up guests over Christmas.

All in all, not the most auspicious start! I promise to try harder for the next post.

But I'm still excited about my participation in the challenge. Although I've set a low target of 500 points (and if I manage only one figure every nine days, I'm not going to get close to that, am I?) I'm hoping it will inspire me to work towards something closer to 1500, which will mean that not only Zulu Wars, but ECW, French in Egypt, Peninsular Spanish, Operation Sealion and various other projects will all benefit.

Fingers crossed.


First, welcome to the Challenge, Noel. It's great to have you along with us.

Varnish issues aside (and many of us have had this problem, I can assure you), you've done a wonderful job on this figure. I particularly like the detail on Durnfurd's face and the highlighting on his webbing - lovely stuff. 

In looking over your list of projects I'm very much looking forward to the coming months of the Challenge to watch your progress. Now that you have the range scoped in with your brush I expect to see you here on the blog often. :)


  1. Welcome aboard, Noel!
    Perhaps the blue isn't quite where you want it, but you did a very good job of detailing the figure in face and gear. I like the distressed scuffed leather and it is exactly like I present it on my troops ( they aren't going to a parade!)
    I also like your groundwork for him too, you just need to crank out another hundred or plus companions and you'll hit the total! ;)

  2. Welcome to the Challenge from me too!
    Great apinting work to start

  3. Welcome to the challenge! Despite of all the issues you had I‘d say you‘re off to a great start. Will look forward to what you’re coming up with next.

  4. Welcome to the triumphs and travails of the challenge! Despite it all it’s a grand start well done

  5. Looks good to me but I've been there and done that with vanish so I smypathize with your trials.

  6. Welcome aboard Noel. Fine work on Durnford.

  7. Great work, he looks fab! At least you've got some points on the board, more than some of us can say!
    Best Iain

  8. Despite all the trials he looks great!

  9. He’s certainly recognisable!

  10. Apart from the blue issue, I really like this figure of yours and I am even thinking of getting one for myself!

  11. minor problem and you dealt with it well. the figure looks great.