Friday, 29 December 2017

From KentG: World Eaters Assault Detachment (25 Points)

in this submission i have a cheeky wee save from the rubbish bin, my son came down for Christmas and collected most of his 40k figures, he decided to dump a whole heap of bits that have been here for years in one of the boxes was these very battered 30k forge world figures they were in such bad shape i wasn't sure i could save them but then my son said paint them as World Eaters the Armour is battered and worn and unkept so here we have it i've painted them up in layers of grey and the washes of white with and agrax was then more layers of watered down white, made the metal as worn and rusty as i could,there's just 5 of them but 5 saved is better than 5 binned i say, have no idea what ill do with them, but i enjoyed the paint.

I put a bit of blood of the blood God on the chain swords just to finish them off


Haha! A great save indeed, Kent. These look terrific. I really like the white armour with its mud and rust helping along the grime and decay. The in-desperate-need-of-servicing turbofan jumpacks are ace as well. Well done.


  1. Great work! I‘m not sure the Worl Eaters know such thing as gratitude but now they an fight on for... whatever.

  2. Nice rusting Kent and a great save :)

  3. Wonderfully done, Kent! Battered really suits the world eaters! The weathering and gore isn't overdone at all!
    I'd like to see you add to them a few squads of brothers! ;)

  4. Brilliant stuff! Well worth saving these from thenbin and good job on the white as it’s such a tricky colour to get right. Your patience and multiple layer approach has worked really nicely.

  5. Lovely work on these jump troops, and even better that they avoided the bin!
    Best Iain

  6. The problem with saved figures such as these is that they soon require reinforcements...