Wednesday, 24 January 2018

From EdwinK: Terminator Crawlers (13 points)

A very quick and small submission today, but - hey! - they all count.

These Endoskeleton 'crawlers' are from the Warlord Games/River Horse Terminator Genysis miniatures game - the same set as the chaps I submitted for the BFG Bonus Round.  As with those, these'll serve me as generic killer robots.

I'm not sure I've done enough to distinguish them from the blasted post-apoc terrain on their bases, but let's pretend that I intend them to be sneaky types who grab your ankles when you can't see them ...

This completes the usable Terminator figures from the second-hand box I had.  I've also got a batch of Future Ressistance fighters, but I'm not sure that they'll appear during the Challenge.

Not sure on the scoring of these.  They're half 28mm figures, so is that 2.5 point each?  But there're also prone, so is there another 'penalty' for that?  Well this kind of hard decision is why Curt pays the Minions big money - over to you Ray!

5 (torso-only, prone) 28mm Terminators from Warlord Games -

From Ray

Great to have your first appearance proper into the Challenge, minus the Bonus rounds of course Edwin. I liked your Terminators in your previous post and these crawlers compliment them perfectly.
You said "I'm not sure I've done enough to distinguish them from the blasted post-apoc terrain on their bases". But if they been blown in half like these poor Arnies I suspect they'd get a bit grubby. So all in all some pretty clever and cool camo!

Your 2.5 points per figures sounds about right, but then you'd be on 12.5 points and that plays havoc with my mind let alone Miles' stats/excel/thingy files! So 13 points it is!


  1. Great work and they should work as zombie torsos too.

  2. Pretty sure they look like the crew that works at a Government office around here...

  3. Scary as all get-out. It's just like the High Street when the pubs close. Nicely done Edwin!

  4. We knew you'd be back! Nice work, Edwin, very creepy!

  5. Somebody made the "I'll be back" roll! ;)
    Nice work, Edwin! You can almost hear the servo whine as they drag themselves across the torn ground!