Wednesday, 24 January 2018

From JohnM: 6mm US Armour in Africa (84 points)

Not a whole lot of painting done this week but I did get some more US models done for Rommel. I am hoping to put on a Rommel game this weekend, this will be our first mid-war battle so I needed some US forces. First up in the Tunisian campaign will be an encounter during the battle for the Kasserine Pass. I hate painting infantry so I will substitute in some British for the 9 bases of US motorised infantry I need. Did need some tanks and armoured infantry so here we go. All these models are from PFC CinC and are quite nice.
6 bases of Armoured Infantry in M3 Halftracks
3 bases of M3 tank Hunters equipped with 75mm guns 
A Base of Shermans and one of Stuarts
105mm Howitzer Base

And finally some Italian Tanks
M14/41 Tanks

I think we have 40 Vehicles and 2 guns. I have done well over 100 bases for Rommel now so have built up a bit of a collection. I really need to stop and polyurethane these models and bases. Once this is done I plan to attach some scrub brush to dress up the bases.......well that is the plan anyway!

From Ray

Well I've counted several times and made it 41 vehicles and the 2 guns which should make 84 well earned points!
Some great painting here John, and i like the simple but very effective basing style as well. 


  1. Great work John! Sorry I can't make it this weekend to help test drive them.

  2. Lovely looking work John - I like the weathering and your basing. It's also great to see this WW2 theatre being gamed.

  3. Nice north African armour, I think the simple basing works rather well.
    Best Iain

  4. Nice.... are going to do some dust clouds for behind them

  5. Great work John - you have gone so totally into "Rommel", has been very entertaining to watch :)

  6. Great work John! I look forward to hearing how your Kasserine Pass game unfolds.

  7. Pity they're about to meet Rommel...

    Very nice work, John, a target-rich environment!

  8. It keeps amazing me how well detailed these 6mm figures are, more so when painted as well as these!

  9. The trucks look really sweet, John! I like seeing the arty 1/2 tracks very much!