Monday, 19 February 2018

Paul OG: DAK Pz IIIs and Transports (82 points)

Building upon my Recon vehicles and light tanks of last week, this week I focused on heavier armour and transports. While there was a number of Pz IVs and long barrelled Pz IV specials, the Pz III was always the most numerous armoured fighting vehicle of the Africa Korps. Here I present two platoons (Battlegroup uses them in 3s): 3 are metal Battlefront and 3 are plastic PSC, which gives some good variation between the hulls.

In 1941 Panzergrenadier units had not yet been developed and the majority of Infantry were truck mounted Shutzen units. And trucks are just handy in general for the desert, so here are 5 of them in an assortment of colours. Resin models by Forged in Battle.

Rounding out today's submission are a pair of Horsch heavy cars, very useful as staff vehicles and for towing light field and AT guns (though I have yet to assemble those). Again these are Forged in Battle resin models.

Apart from my Monstrous round submission (which is already done), this will likely be my last submission for AHPC due to emergent and extended work travel. However, these 13 vehicles and 2 drivers should net me 78 + 4 = 82 points to pass my original 500 point goal and almost touch my stretched 600 point line - the next bonus round will take me over nicely.

Thanks for all the fun and I shall continue to watch everyone's submissions with great interest!


Terrific work, Paul !  These are wonderful, and perfectly compliment your work last week, and Alan's Crusaders from Week Seven.  They will grace any desert battlefield, I'm sure.  I love the desert colouring, the weathering and the faded leather seating in the back of the Horsch heavy cars - no doubt scratched and worn by desert sands.

And very fine work on the Panzer IIIs as well - such a versatile tank, and something which you can use through the DAK's tough campaigns in Egypt.

Great work, and there's just two things to add to another 82 well deserved points.  First, thank you for being an amazing Challenger as you prepare to head off on your travels, and for being a great Monday Challenger to boot. You've brought us some wonderful images, from Freikorps in Berlin, to Russian dachas, and from bridges over rivers, to light tanks speeding through the desert dust.  And it's all been wonderful.

And, of course, WELL DONE indeed for achieving your target of 500 points - a great achievement, and one to be well proud of.  Great work, Sir !!


  1. I like your DAK colors, and congratulations for achieving your points target

  2. Great work Paul. Those Panzer IIIs are classics, and I recognized the castings from Battlefront right away - lots of character in them!

    Congrats on the healthy demolition of your points target!!

  3. Great work on these vehicles Paul, they look very weather beaten. And congrats on hitting your target.

  4. Well done that man, cracking stuff, we shall miss your input .

  5. A great selection of vehicles, Paul; the weathering is excellent and the varied stowage keeps it interesting!

  6. Great work Paul! I‘m sur the Desert Fox himself would be leased at this sight. Keep it coming!

  7. Excellent DAK armour and transport, I'm going to miss your armour posts!
    Best Iain

  8. Beautiful work on these vehicles Paul. Best wishes and good sailing my friend.

  9. Great work here indeed. Pak colors are always interesting as they can be too strong or too pale.. but these are just right! Nice one!

  10. Nice work Paul! And congrats on reaching your points target!

  11. Very nice! The variations in the hulls and truck tarps really make this look like a veteran force!

    All the best with your “work travel”!