Wednesday, 28 February 2018

From AdamC - Small Wizard 5 points

 While painting my main projects I tend to have some 2-3 extra bones figures on my table at the same time.  I use whatever paint is left on the palate when I'm done with that color for the main project on these figures.  It's helps keep me from wasting paint and helps dig into the Bones III pile.

 This Halfling or Gnome (I forget which) is a case in point.  A great action pose that has been picking upon color here.. another color there since December. Well he's done now with a little snow flock he'll make a great addition to the stable of spell casters for games of Frostgrave.

 I added some embossing powder to the magic effect leaping from hand to dagger and I am quite pleased with the look. This fellow (and my monstrous entry) are all I have had time to get done this week thanks to a busy schedule and my daughter being sick (now me too) don't worry she is well recovered (I'm doing OK too thanks for asking).  I suspect I'll be doing mostly small entries the rest of the challenge as the schedule is getting busier and busier . Any way this 25mm scale figure should result in 5 more points.

From Ray

5 points it is Adam. And 5 points very well deserved too!
A great frolicking figure painted very nicely. I often do the same thing, having the odd figure that gets a lick of leftover paint, its quite surprising what you can get done that way!