Wednesday, 28 February 2018

From JohnM: French Napoleonic Artillery (82 points)

These troops have been sitting primed on the painting table for over 2 years, time to get them done. Aside from a unit of British Foot Artillery this is it for the AB Miniatures' lead pile. They are nice to paint but it is always a challenge I think to do less than 28mm Napoleonics. I like how they came out. I have 3 batteries of French Artillery that should be enough to play games at the scale I am interested. These chappies will be fielded as Artillerie à Pied although I have to say that the differentiation between French foot and horse artillery uniforms sometimes escapes me.

If I have it right, AB Miniatures are scored as 20 mm so this would be 80 points. I am hoping to have a little something more interesting to present soon.

From Ray

Ooooo I like these John! I think AB make THE best 15-18mm figures for Napoleonic's. I had some French myself many moons ago, they've all been swallowed up in Posties collection now. Love how you've painted these and the basing is tops as well!
I'm not sure if AB should be classed as 15mm or 20mm, as they are infact 18mm, so as it nearly Christmas (well actually 9 months away) we'll go with 20mm :0)

12 x 20mm figures = 48 points
 4 x 20mm guns = 32 points
Plus an extra 2 points for the excellent painting and basing!
So a grand total of 82 points


  1. Nice gunners John. I painted a lot of Tony Barton's figures back in the 80-90s when he still ran Battle Honours - they were the best.

  2. Great work John! I always hate painting artillery, and I'm impressed when others get it done - these fellows in particular look fantastic.

  3. Great looking battery John. I like that these are the smaller caliber workhorses that would be far more prevalent than The Emperor's Daughters'.

  4. Great looking french Artillery, very nice!
    Best Iain