Wednesday, 28 February 2018

From Barks: Better to be fyrd than loved (42 points)

I’ve neglected my Dark Age forces, and they have been balefully staring at me for years. These Anglo-Danes were prepped for AHPC VII but didn’t get a guernsey.

The figures are Gripping Beast plastics. I had to regress my painting style a few years so they would match their already painted brothers-in-arms.* Some of the paints I originally used had dried up, so I had to work out equivalents. I’m not unhappy with the outcome, and I’ve got more to go to polish off this project for The Challenge. All the shields are hand-painted.

This should give me a push into exploring SAGA v2.

8x28mm Gripping Beast figures = 40 points.

*Holy smokes! Just shy of five years...

From Ray

You should be mighty pleased with yourself with these 8 figures Barks, I know I would be if they were mine. Infact they'd look good in my collection, shall I send you my address??? Let's hope the next lot of figures take less than 5 years!
Excellent brushwork, lovin' those shields too!

40 points are on there way!
With an extra 2 for the shields!


  1. Your painting is way better than your punning Barks! Even in your regression these look wonderful.
    Cheers, Peter

    1. But I work so hard at my punning...

  2. "and they have been balefully staring at me for years" _ work around that by keeping such figures in another room, where their savage gaze cannot be met :)

    Fine brushwork Barks!

    1. Their accusing cries haunt me, even from another room.

  3. Lovely! There's not saix but eight!

  4. Very nice work on these Anglo-Danes, Barks! Ready for battle and raring to go!

  5. Really nice painting! Great figures as well. Cheers

  6. Great looking dark age types!
    Best Iain