Wednesday, 28 February 2018

From Barks: Better to be fyrd than loved (42 points)

I’ve neglected my Dark Age forces, and they have been balefully staring at me for years. These Anglo-Danes were prepped for AHPC VII but didn’t get a guernsey.

The figures are Gripping Beast plastics. I had to regress my painting style a few years so they would match their already painted brothers-in-arms.* Some of the paints I originally used had dried up, so I had to work out equivalents. I’m not unhappy with the outcome, and I’ve got more to go to polish off this project for The Challenge. All the shields are hand-painted.

This should give me a push into exploring SAGA v2.

8x28mm Gripping Beast figures = 40 points.

*Holy smokes! Just shy of five years...

From Ray

You should be mighty pleased with yourself with these 8 figures Barks, I know I would be if they were mine. Infact they'd look good in my collection, shall I send you my address??? Let's hope the next lot of figures take less than 5 years!
Excellent brushwork, lovin' those shields too!

40 points are on there way!
With an extra 2 for the shields!


  1. Your painting is way better than your punning Barks! Even in your regression these look wonderful.
    Cheers, Peter

  2. "and they have been balefully staring at me for years" _ work around that by keeping such figures in another room, where their savage gaze cannot be met :)

    Fine brushwork Barks!

    1. Their accusing cries haunt me, even from another room.

  3. Lovely! There's not saix but eight!

  4. Very nice work on these Anglo-Danes, Barks! Ready for battle and raring to go!

  5. Really nice painting! Great figures as well. Cheers

  6. Great looking dark age types!
    Best Iain