Wednesday, 28 February 2018

From DaveD - Camels and Bridges..- 50 points?

As with a number of other challengers its been a busy few weeks - but i think i am back in the saddle again for the run in.

I picked up some more (or is that yet more?) camels to add to the overall Sudan baggage caravan. This time it is newly released set from Iron Duke Miniatures from their Indian Mutiny range - but I figure once a baggage camel , always a baggage camel.

So here are the completed camels , laden down with various goods.

8 camles = 40 points - the handlers were already compelted

And this is what the full baggage set looks like now..

There will be more shots of the column on my own blog shortly. 

For the 6mm modern I wanted to get some better looking bridges and went off hunting for model railway suppliers and found a couple of MDF N Gauge girder bridge kits that look just the job . The are by In The Greenwood Laser.  There is one short and one longer one (short is  45mm wide, 97mm long , 47mm high, the longer one is 45mm wide, 145mm long, 47mm high) . I have scratch built some supports and ramps for each end of them. The bridge and ramps have magnets inserted so they are interchangeable , and for easier storage.

Funny thing is that I found myself humming the tune from "A Bridge Too Far" while doing them. 

 Artist : The Coldstream Guards Band

Song - A Bridge Too Far

From Ray

What can I say about the camels......utterly crackers is one thing, but boy do they look cool! Just how many Camels do you actually have now?

Love the bridges, they both look well cool Dave, I'm sure they'll have many a dangerous crossing and be blown up too!
Excellent brushwork on all figures

40 points for the Camels and 10 for the bridges

Total 50 points.



  1. Oooh camels....
    Love the bridges Dave, lots of uses for those.

  2. Nice camels and bridges Dave :)

  3. Ahh, superb work Dave. I love the plodding majesty of this dromedary baggage train. The shot of the column looks brilliant as well. Bravo!

  4. Ray - off the top off my head its running just short of 200 camels altogether - madness indeed!

  5. Given your recent bout of cold weather, maybe A Fridge Too Far would have been more appropriate...
    ; )

    ...I'll get me coat.

  6. Cameltastic as always ­čĹŹ

  7. Love the camels and great looking and really uswful bridges !
    Best Iain

  8. That full baggage set looks awesome!


  9. It is some sort of odd Challenge effect that I now just laugh when I see miniatures camels...I somehow blame all of you, but especially Dave, and Millsy...

    Great painting again Dave! The camels, and also the excellent terrain for your modern gaming, will really help "set off" the setting.

  10. That baggage train is something to behold mate. Absolutely smashing stuff!

  11. Needs moar camelz...

    I love the action shots of the bridges with the menacing Hinds in the distance...