Wednesday, 14 February 2018

From JohnM: More Revenants - 60 points

Missed making a submission last week; I have been working on a new project but I was able to get another unit of SAGA Revenants done, so something to go with. 

I have used a different method of painting than I had previously, as can be seen

I have another 12 figures to go which came in the original box set. I may do these in a completely different style, but I suspect they will not surface until next year's challenge.

Anyway I have to say that time has sped by in this challenge, hard to believe that it is almost two thirds over. Hopefully 3-4 more submissions before we are done.

From Ray

Crackin' work John! 12 great looking figures, I like the splash of colour on the beautifully dressed Woman in Red, that's if it is a woman?????
I like the painting style on these ones, they look kind of cleaner, if you know what I mean?

60 points!!


  1. Very ncie... I wonder how these will work in Saga 2

  2. That's a grim looking crew John. Your new technique worked well.

  3. Nasty bunch of undead, lovely work!
    Best Iain

  4. Came out nicely I‘d say! Like that new approach of yours.

  5. Norse zombies! Or is that 'zømbies'?

    Does this mean the revenants are re-Bjorn? In any event, lovely work, John!

    1. Somebody make Evan stop...

      Lovely work on these fun figures, John!

  6. Super creepy! I really like how you did their rotting flesh - a great effect.