Wednesday, 14 February 2018

From PeterD 28mm French SYW Infantry 40 points

Note to self - must clean up the front of the Ordnance colour!

Forgive me Father it has been three weeks since my last confession....
Rumours of my death being slightly exaggerated I am back with a post again having missed two weeks with the flu. Continuing with my ongoing slow progress with my SYW project I have another 8 members of the French Touraine Regiment.

Three Crusader figures led by a Front Rank Officer

The rank and file members are Crusader as are the drummer and one of the two standard bearers.  I wasn't overly enamored of the Crusader command pack so pick up some Front Rank figures to swell the ranks.  The Front Rankers are the two Grenadiers and the two officers in the front rank (appropriately enough).   The two figure companies worked better together than I had feared, with the Grenadiers looking suitably buff compared to the fusiliers without dwarfing them.

I'm quite happy with the unit labels.

During the Seven Years War French Battalions had 16 fusilier companies and one Grenadier company, so in a 24 man battalion that should be 1.4 grenadier figures, which I have of course rounded up to 2 beefy men in mustaches and spiffy bearskin hats.  There were often piquet or chasseur companies detached for counting, raiding or other Kleine Krieg activities which I hope to add later.  Unlike the Allied armies opposing them, the grenadiers were not detached into permanent composite battalions but typically remained with the parent regiment unless detached for a specific action.

I really like those Front Rank grenadiers.
Of course a big attraction of a French army of the period is the flags, the white Colonel's colour and the multicoloured Ordnance colour.  Normally my default for flags is the excellent Warflag site, but the examples for Touraine seemed a little garish and I ventured more widely on the web and found these examples on the Not By Appointment site.  I downloaded the jpeg, resized the images and printed them off at home.  Hopefully I've not violated any copyright in the process, but these are gorgeous flags.

16 down, 8 more to go.
Here's the 16 completed members of the Touraine Regiment in line.  I've added unit labels at the back, including a small image of the Ordinance colour for added visual reference given that I'll have several French regiments in grey-white.

From the rear.  I quite like the Crusader drummer.  Being a Provincial regiment, I've given him the King's livery.
So by my count that's 8 28mm figures for 40 points.  it also means that after three weeks stuck at 196, I finally get over my modest 200 point target!

From Ray

Crackin' painting Peter! These 8 figures added to the other 8 make a wonderful looking unit!
This damned flu has really hit the Challenge hard this year, with several participants struck down with the dreaded lurgy!! Including me!!!
The flags on Not by Appointment are some of the best around, I'm pretty sure David would be very pleased to see his flags flying high on your gaming table!
And so to the points. Nice and simple, just like I like it.

8 x 5 = 40 points!


  1. Great work Peter loving yoru French project.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Ray. It's nice to be back painting. The combination of Olympics and recovery has been good for painting.

  3. I do like a big flag .. good to see you recovering Peter!

  4. Peter, those are some great white uniforms, well done mon brave.

  5. Lovely bunch of frenchies, I like the grenadiers and the flag is ace!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Ian. Grenadiers and pretty flags, two reasons why the Lace Wars rock!

  6. Some of the best flags in history, lovely!

  7. Good to see SYW getting some love, Peter, well done!

  8. I don’t want to be facetious about your great entry, but that flag looks like the Windows logo!

    1. Thanks Barks. I run mostly Macs, but working from memory you're not far off. However, Touraine predates Bill Gates by 300 years, so I think that the Windows logo looks like the flag!