Wednesday, 14 February 2018

From DaveD - Its a Bitsa week - 66 points

Yes that is right- bitsa this and bitsa that as I clear stuff off the table to stack up the next big one.

First up 6 skirmishers for the recently completed Cameron Highlanders in the Sudan.

last of the bloody tartan for a long time! 
 6 x 28mm figures = 30 points

Next up - a battery of 152mm SP guns for playing Crush the Capitalists..

1/285th GHQ - SAU 152mm SP guns 
5 x 6mm vehicles = 10 points

Next up the headache for minion Raymondo!

This weekend MartinC ,JamesM and I have a second outing of Team Yankee - (aka to Comrade Docovich as Crush the Capitalists) and i have been doing the various Timecast 6mm buildings i picked up at York.

Large oil storage tanks , and two apartment blocks each base is 6"x 4"

4 stand alone buildings 
So here are all the buildings so far.

I picked up some extra field pieces from Timecast as well , which needed painting and flocking
New field pieces - some ploughed up or just plain largest is 4 inches by two

And another one from left field - JamesM asked me to make some hedge sections for his upcoming 15mm Normandy game - so 8 6 inch long section , with 20mmx20mm hedges - with a breached section in the middle - they are made from rubberised horsehair cut and shaped  - pva and scatter material stuck on 1/16th sheet plywood. - the Shernan may give you hint to a  future project of mine! - its not finished yet (he's got a lot of mates...)

My estimate is the terrain bits make up 1 and half terrain cubes  = 30 points?

From Ray

Top work Comrade!! On all counts!
God I hate these terrain bits!!! They're so damn hard to sort the points out for???
40 points for all the figures and....
I've added the terrain together and come up with a combined 1.3 giving you 26 points
Giving you a grand total of 66 points!


  1. Nicely done Comrade Dochovich, is that Sherman the American capitalist pig "lend lease" one your great-uncle Alexei drove in the Great Patriotic War? :)

    1. Could be .. but I think these will be straight from Uncle Sam!

  2. A great bitsa entry Comrade Davski!

  3. Great bits Comrade! Love the skirmishing Cameron's. Good luck fighting the imperialist capitalists!

  4. I can just hear the David Hasselhoff music blasting out of those apartment blocks!

  5. Nice post, lot's to like but my favourite is the cold war terrain.
    Best Iain

  6. Excellent entry Dave! Love the tartan on the Highlanders and the terrain came out nicely as well.

  7. Great work Dave! Congrats on finishing the Highlanders. Love the gas station. Now you need a few BMW 3 Series as objectives for the Soviets. :)

  8. A suitably eclectic entry, Dave - tying up those loose ends in style!