Wednesday, 14 February 2018

From JamesM: 15mm Terrain 48 points

Hi folks,

I had a few days last week of being rather unwell, and have been focusing on the next theme round... but managed to get some more 15mm terrain done, because I know how much Ray loves it!
From Ray (Grrrroooaaannn!!!)

First up, three 15mm MDF houses. Manufacturer unknown - no split floors or internal structure, but with lift off roofs.

I've included a couple of WiP gunners for scale comparison!

These three buildings will be added into my town collections. They could do with a little detail work on them in the future - ivy, posters, etc. But for now they will do!

Next up some 15mm gravestones. I've already got some of these for my churchyard, but it looked a little sparse so I got some more. These are from Blotz in the UK and also from a Ebay seller who sells resin tombs and gravestones.

Again, some models included for scale comparison. I've glued these to flames of war medium sized bases, painted them up with a couple of drybrushes and then bases in a similar style to my figures. I've still a couple of bases of these to do, where the static grass was too sparse for some reason, so more of these might make an appearance in the future!

Points wise, I believe it's 15 points per 15mm building (45 points) - I'll leave the gravestones for Ray to figure out!

From Ray

Oh my Gawd!! Your killing me James!!!
Excellent brushwork on the buildings, but I love the gravestones, its gotta be the best kept graveyard in Europe, and luckily for that villages it looks like nobody's died recently!!

Now for the points.......Hmm?
45 points for the buildings as you said and
3 points for the Graveyard set
Giving you a grand total of 48 points!


  1. OH good more terrain! Rays blood pressure had been dipping too low. Nice work James. The grave yard is unusual but I like it a lt, tons of historical uses plus fantasy/pulp uses.

  2. Nice work on the buildings and cemetery James :)_

  3. Great effort in keeping Ray in check and on his toes, but the painting is even better, love that graveyard.

  4. Lots of nice terrain there.
    Best Iain

  5. you terrain, and basing, is always knock out

  6. Some very nice buildings, James - but what does Ray have against terrain entries? Nothing to object to here!

  7. I like the I like the simple elegance of the graveyard and flowers.