Wednesday, 14 February 2018

From TomM: 116th Pennsylvania... and some levies (155 points)

This weeks entry into the Painting Challenge is one of the reasons I actually got into it, to build further on my full OrBat for the II Corps, 1 Division of Hancock, as it fought at Fredericksburg.

While I already finished some of the generals last week, this entry features one of the still many regiments to go for the campaign... the 116th Pennsylvania.

Part of the 2nd Brigade, better known as the Irish Brigade, this is the first brigade I'm aiming to complete because a) it's the Irish Brigade and b) their flags, compared to the other regiments in the division, are more wildely available.

Though truth to be told, the 116th is harder to find, I got mine through GMB designs, but Flags of War for example only have the other four regiments.  Typical of this fifth regiment of the brigade, is that they didn't carry the green flag, even though in the movie Gods and Generals, it is their colonel, Mulholland St Clair, that leads the charge in the film as the flags of Erin unfolded...

Of course, that meant I just had to give their commander a reddish orange beard and white gloves ;-)

In addition to the regiment, I also finished this lone sniper, in the green uniform typical of the earlier war and regiments like Berdan's Sharpshooters.  The model is the limited edition figure you receive if you order the Black powder ACW supplement directly from Warlord Games.

The final piece of my entry this week wasn`t planned at all for the challenge, but is a result of better then expected games in TSA's Dux Britanniarum campaign.  If all my troops after the first round debacle return, and with the hired mercenaries in my army, I would suddenly found myself short of one unit of levies for the battles to come.  So I grabbed 6 from the Dark Age box and painted up a fresh unit, just in case if my luck would stay with me...

So that's it for this week, all in all 31 figures in scale 28mm, so that amounts to a nice 155 points to the tally, and the crossing of the 1.000 threshhold huzzaah...

From Ray

Very well done passing the 1000 mark Tom. Very well deserved!!
I'm pleased once again seeing more historical figures from yourself! And hopefully we'll see more of those excellent fighting Oirish!! I'm sure that's my ol' pal Happy Fran leading the men from the front!
Great looking levies as well, let's hope they do their duty in the forthcoming battle?

31x5=155 points!


  1. Nice work all around Tom. I like those levies a lot, and the ACW came out nicely too.

  2. I will end up the challenge with a pink offensive though Ray xD

    Normally, from now on i`m going to enter something special with all my entries, starting this weeks bonus round... as well as hotch potches of stuff from all over the place as I`m rounding out stacks for the last weeks to come :-D

  3. Nice ACW types and the levies are good too!
    Best Iain

  4. Great mob of Bluebellies Tom. And congrats on punching through the 1000 pt threshold!

  5. Congrats on your milestone, Tom! And those troops have given you the breakthrough you were looking for!

  6. Very nice! That sharpshooter is a lovely figure.