Tuesday, 6 March 2018

From: KentG - Napoleonic 28mm French skirmishers & Old Guard (625pts)

First up this week we have all the skirmishers from the nine boxes of infantry that I've been working through, strange thing is I've never done skirmishers before which is a bit weird 
so for a bit of a laugh I've done them three different ways.
 There are Front Rank, Warlord Games, Perry miniatures as well as Victrix in this post.

 First up 4 larger stands, I just like the idea of these larger groupings.

 Always loved the look of French light infantry but man, did I have to work hard 
to get all that piping done!  It just seemed  to take forever, but it is really worth the extra time and effort.

 Then 6 bases with two minis per stand.

 Then just a heap of singles.

 Then, on Thursday, I decided I needed to have more figures done so I started
the box of old guard that I had on the shelf. At first I thought: ok I'll just wack a few coats on
and they will be right, but as per normal once started I couldn't help myself
and found in the end I've  added all the extra highlights.

So between the Old Guard  and skirmishers we have 125 x 28mm figures
for a total of 625 points

I won't say it I'll let the GIF speak for itself. Your Napoleonic escapades are a true inspiration Kent, I am still gobsmacked at your pace and output. These light infantry of yours are just awesome, I love the way you have played with the grouping/ basing of them. I can't wait to see what you come up with for the remaining days of the Challenge. Great work mate!


  1. Another impressive Kent points bomb - superb work! :)

  2. I think Tuesday's challengers are in danger of losing their amateur status!

    Amazing work, Kent!

    1. Ev, have you looked at ghe top 10 of the score board lately :-p

  3. You really are relentless. Awesome

  4. Absolutely beautiful French. I'm in awe of how you can produce so many figures of such high quality in so few days. (Sounds like a paraphrase of something, but I can't think what...) I've been trying to emulate your skills, but as you'll've seen, I can't complete nearly so many at anything like the same quality. I wonder if perhaps you've had the surgical addition of a couple more arms? Or is there cephalapod DNA somewhere in your ancestry?

  5. More fab napoleonic french at a double quick pace, skirmishers and old guard are just great!
    Best Iain

  6. Another impressive entry Kent! Your painting speed is just unbelievable!

  7. Lovely stuff as always Ken. I really like those Legere

  8. I love that stonkingly huge unit of Guard. Awesome stuff Kent.