Tuesday, 6 March 2018

From: RusselG - Over the finish line (67 points)

For the first time ever I have beaten my pre-challenge total (pending judges decision).

So a very happy painter i am indeed.

Here are my entries to push me over total.

The first one is this

These are 6mm scale strips of trees to represent an orchard, they are from Baggage train and are very nice little castings in resin. These have sat around in a base colour of dark green for a couple of years, so now was the time to finish them. Easy enough, 2 levels of over-brushing on the trees in lighter shades of green, and the same on the base using brown.
6mm viking leader by Baccus for scale purpose only.

I was not sure how to score these, so if the judges are happy with it, I will take a point for all 5 strips.

Next are 2 panzer 4 tanks from Battlefront, both nice sculpts and very detailed, these are the older models made from resin and metal.

Both have sat neglected as my existing painted panzer 4's are from forged in battle, and are slightly different in scale, however they can now join the ranks.
2 x 15mm vehicles = 12 pts

Okay, being a bit cheeky with this one, I present a single 15mm door gunner,by Battlefront.

I had painted the loach around a year ago, and had left the door off with the intention of fitting the door gunner model that came with it. I found him in a drawer still naked metal on the sprue.
Here he is in all his glory, strapped into the chopper.
1 x 15mm infantry = 2 pts

Next are a pair of Cobra gunships also by Battlefront, these are the old models made from resin but with the new plastic blades.

These are nice models although the new plastic model looks an awful lot easier to build and probably less prone to damage, a simple enough painting experience but the sheer amount of decals to be arranged is a chore, but worth the effort.
2 x 15mm vehicles = 12pts

Now these two have been used in many games and had been never taken past a basic green base coat.
Both were extras that came with the initial Vietnam forces from Battlefront through Wargames Illustrated back in the day.

I can't decide if they fall under scenery or vehicles, so as it seems fair and would be less in points I have decided on vehicle.
2 x 15mm vehicle = 12 points

And finally, the simplest of the lot, 4 Hetzer tank destroyers from Forged in battle. As usual very nice sculpt and casting, easy to paint.

I have just noticed that I think I have glued the MG in the wrong place and have forgotten to paint the handles on the shovels, may have to change that.
4 x 15mm vehicles = 24 pts

So to sum up,
1 point for some trees
12 pts for 2 panzer 4
2 pts for a door gunner
12 pts for 2 Cobras
12 pts for 2 Hueys
24 pts for 4 Hetzer's

which I think is 63 points.

Thank you all for looking and I hope you have managed to get to your personal challenge totals.

Congrats Russel with gaining your points target, I know I am still way off from mine so well done to you dear sir! Regarding the points: I will award you 1 point each for the strips of trees so you'll be getting 67 points. Those choppers are really ace! I had a big laugh with the Batman logo on the door gunners chopper which looks particularly great. The Huey objective markers are full vehicles in themselves, so you've concluded quite rightly that they will be scored as such. 

Great entry Russel, you still have time to up your target and get some more of this lovely stuff out there!


  1. nice work! Love the helicopters

  2. Congratulations on reaching your goal Russel - nice wokkawokkas

  3. Thanks everyone, especially Sander, for the extra few points.

  4. Congrats on hitting your target, Russel, well done!

  5. Excellent stuff and congrats on hitting your target. cheers

  6. Nice pzkw IVs and choppers!
    Best Iain

  7. Nice work and congrats on hitting your target.

  8. Great work Russ and congrats on hitting your target.

    Cheers Ross

  9. Congratulations! Love the choppers.