Tuesday, 6 March 2018

From: NoelW - More ECW and SYW (498 points)

More of the same this week, I fear. The continuing story of my SYW in 15mm and ECW in 28mm. Even similar colours for some of the troops.

First is a mix of French and Austrians in 15mm. I've been lucky enough to acquire good British and Prussian armies, but have minimal troops for them to fight, so so I'm developing these two opponents for them in parallel. Fortunately, as the infantry in both cases mainly dressed in white or grey-white, using figures from one as proxies for the other can be reasonably convincing - and there are some battles where both nations fought in alliance, such as Rossbach.

Here's the mass of this week's contribution to these armies: 

There are 45 French infantry. Here's some of them:

plus 12 Austrian grenzers, 12 Austrian hussars and three French guns:

The figures are Eureka "Fighting 15s" and Old Glory. 

For the ECW, I worked up 6 more dragoons, in green this time to distinguish them from the others, and a large red regiment. These will initially be the King's Lifeguard, but may at some point change sides, too, and become the cadre from which I hope to field a version of the New Model Army for Naseby. To this end, I'm painting more models in red uniforms than in any of the other colours.

Here's the dragoons:

I've continued building the cavalry, too, as I like the idea of being able to fight decent versions of the cavalry-heavy battles. I'm hoping that the final push of the Challenge will enable me to produce quite a few more of these. But having to assemble the models from the Warlord sprues takes a fair bit of time, so I may decide that the final days should be devoted to painting rather than assembly.

There are six more "lobsters" and two bases of cavalry command figures. The latter will join existing units. I like these three-quarter armed troopers, the so-called "lobsters" though they don't feature strongly in the Civil Wars, so I've painted these with half an eye to the Thirty Years War, and called them "foreign mercenaries" - hence the yellow sashes, meaning they could readily be used by either side.

Finally, four generals. Two are Scots and two English, though I've painted one of the English so it could readily be used as a Scot, too. 

Of these figures, my favourite is this:

I think it may be intended as Prince Rupert, but I'm going to call him "Prince Maurice", as I also have a Rupert on the painting table, the beautiful Trent Miniatures' figure, though it's unfortunately rather similar in pose to this one, so they're unlikely to meet on the wargames table. The ECW figures are all Perrys' or Warlord.

In summary, that's:

15mm: 69 foot (138 points), 12 mounted (24 pts), 3 guns (12 pts) = 198 pts
28mm: 32 foot (160 pts), 14 mounted (140 pts) = 300 pts
Total for the week : 474 points

It's getting old but:KAAABOOOM! yet another pointsbomb dropped by the Tuesday crew. More of the same he fears, well fear not because it's all very nice to look at Noel. Your figures are true eye-candy whatever subject they may be. Getting armies to fight the ones you already have, is a familiar issue for me as well, you have done very well with these. I particularly like the grey/ white French infantry, they sure look great all ranked up like that.
Your ECW figures remain a joy to behold, I concur on Maurice being the favourite of the bunch, truly characterful. There's one more Tuesday and the open-entry days awaiting you in the tale of the Challenge so get those brushes going Noel!


  1. Another splendid huge entry Noel :)

  2. Wonderful work Neil you have been a busy wee bee haven't you

  3. I agree on the best pose re the ECW officer type, great lobsters, horse and lifeguard, your 15mm austrian french look fab too!
    Best Iain

  4. Great work Noel! What a points bomb!

  5. I stand amazed. It must be lovely to have a winter!

  6. Great submission Noel - well done!

  7. Great work Noel - it's a pity we didn't get a better shot of those hussars in 15mm. Love the ECW.

  8. Nicely done, especially the prince.