Tuesday, 6 March 2018

From: MartinC - Sorry Sander but you will need your Maths Head on (460pts)

I am now off strike - parties are talking, the management, not my University who have been honourable but others, tried to be hard assed and got called out for it. Like most public service bodies, education, health etc. the organisation runs on staff goodwill  to go above and beyond their contracted duties and their desire to meet the demands of the users. Mess with this and the whole thing falls apart very quickly. Both sides are talking, all that you can ever ask.
So 3 days on strike this week,and yes I did some work from home whilst on strike (see above)  but I did do  a lot of painting. So Sander you will need to check the maths.

This is my 1st ever Napoleonic unit, in any scale. We have been thinking about the Peninsular War and these are the 12th Portuguese Line Infantry. Warlord Plastics and nice to paint. Flags come with the kit

Every army needs baggage and this mule train is from Westfalia, I picked it up as part of my Challenge prize a couple of years ago

I found these in the wrong box, couple of Trojan types and a Cretan archer (I've been looking for him for ages) Northstar and Warlord

These are the fur clad female warriors form the Hasslefree kickstarter. Great to paint and will form a nice force for Blood Eagle or frostgrave

Couple  of the women are more suited to hot climes and the white hunter is from the Northstar DITDC safari set.

Last week I posted the WW2 British Para company from Plastic Soldier company. So this week are the support forces

Pioneer platoon and command stand - spares from the infantry box

3 PIAT sections. These are adapted by replacing the rifle with the head of a nail. Rough and ready but OK from far away

6lb AT guns and command

3" mortars plus command and observer

4.2" mortars plus command and observer. Not in the Flames of War lists but rules are meant to be bent

Vickers MGs plus command

I have now finished my Para forces except for a couple of 17lb AT guns and a handful of  jeeps and transports. Off to the Albanich show next week to play a Barbarosa demo game. It's a tiny show but always fun. Will pick up some gliders from Warbases - not very good models and more like markers but only £2.50 each compared to £30 for an actual model. In reality the gliders will only work as markers

And now for the maths
42x28mm infantry and pack mules = 210pts
Paras = 16 crew served guns plus 1 platoon plus etc
           = 64 pts for guns
           = 186 for infantry
           = 250pts

Total = 460pts

Knackered now

Martin, who spilled the beans and told you how much I HATE doing math? Was it Miles? Ray? Anyway, after a literally mind boggling math-marathon, getting the 15mm  figures right was a special pain, my conclusion just has to be that you got it right in one go. On to the entry itself, that's mind boggling as well. I wish my unpainted lead pile includes so many beautiful figures as yours because there's something for everyone here. While I guess the Portuguese are not the logical starting point into Napoleonics you sure nailed the Fighting Cocks of Wellington's army with these, a stunning unit for sure! The Trojan figures really look tough too, great sculpts, oh and those ladies are not to be forgotten either, great painting on them there Martin. 460 points will be added tonight mate.


  1. Cheers Sander, sorry about the maths

  2. A fine and varied entry Martin :)

  3. Bloody hell, Martin, where did all this come from? That's a points bomb and a half! Splendid work!

  4. Nice big mix of figures, extra painting time sure helps! Lovely Portuguese and paras!
    Best Iain

    1. Cheers, it's kinda broken my mojo though. Vert quiet week so far

  5. What a wide variety Martin, I almost thought this might have been from Alex :)

    Great job!

  6. Wouldn't be the challenge without a variety pack from Martin - great stuff all around. I like your Nappys- you should do more of them.

    1. Oh the joy of being a butterly. More naps on way, but unexpected. No shock there

  7. Now that‘s a truly eclectic mix. Well done indeed!

  8. I really like the basing on the Napoleonics, it is a change from (boring) green.