Friday, 9 March 2018

From MilesR: Pirates and other Stuff (325 Points)

 This post is a bit on the "variable side".  It has been a while since I submitted a regular post but work has been a bit of a bother.

First up is one of the funnest things I've painted in a long time - a French faction for Firelock Games  "Blood and Plunder" - with ride, of course.  This is the starter set and provides 24 figures and a Captain.  All in glorious 28mm scale.

First up are 8 Flibustiers.  I decided to use the cast "ship deck" bases for these figures and was please with the result.  It did take some work to flatten out the bases.

 8 Milices de Caribes - primarily a second line type of unit
4 Marins or French Sailors - these guys are the point for ones boarding party.

 4 Boucaniers - sharp shooters to some extent.
And, finally, the Captain complete with flouncy yet stylish hat.
 Now no Pirate faction would really be complete without a sweet ride and these French "gentlemen" have a very sweet one indeed - a Brigantine, which is the next step up in ships from the Sloop I finished earlier in the Challenge.
 While ornate in design, she is fast, draws little water and packs 8 guns.
The model is a cast resin hull with metal and laser cut detail parts and was a blast to put together.  The flag was downloaded from the Firelock Games website.
 Here she is loaded up with French crewman
 Another shot - can't wait to get these guys on the table for a game.
Next up are 8 28mm Taliban figures from Empress miniatures - I was a few short for what I really needed for last year's "SOCOM and Sorcery" game and wanted to fill out the roster.
As with all Empress figures these are superb.

I thought these lads might need a place to stay so I built them a house.  This model is the "mud-brick house" plastic kit from Renedra.  Usually I really like the products from Renedra, especially their bases, but I found this kit both hard to assemble and difficult to paint - I just couldn't get a good texture.

 Still, it's a very sturdy terrain piece and I can use it as a guide to build other types of buildings.

 Also from Empress is a standard 28mm HUMVEE with a .50 cal machine gun.

A very nice model that was a snap to paint up.
 Lastly there are 4 Dire Wolves from Acheson Creations.  Very nice models.
Who doesn't need more Dire Wolves in their collection?

So here's the tally

37 28mm figures/wolves = 185 points
1 Vehicle = 15 points
1 terrain pieces which filled 75% of the 6" cube = 15 points
1 Ship = I'll leave that the Curts discretion

The ship is a good bit bigger than the Sloop which weighed in at a fair 85 points - perhaps something in the 100-125 point range?

From Minion Tamsin:
What a fantastic entry Miles. That brigantine is the dog's! Or should that be "le chien's" as it's a Frenchie?
If Curt gave you 85 points for the sloop, I reckon 110 points for this somewhat larger ship. Which takes your total for this submission to a stonking 325 points.


  1. Terrific work on these piratey chaps, Miles - and that brigantine is a real treat!

  2. lovely pirates,great ship! The mud brick house looks good even if it was a pain!
    Best Iain

  3. Fantastic work, Miles! I can't imagine setting sail in a better vessel and crew. Lovely work on the pirates - I really like the basing and how you got that really rich effect on the dark blue uniforms. Very cool indeed!

  4. Great stuff Miles, the ship is the bomb!

  5. This Challenge has really seen some incredible "Ok, let's hit like five different periods" type submissions, and this is right up there!

    Love that pirate ship..."sweet ride" indeed! Great work.

  6. Oh wow, that's absolutely gorgeous the lot of them! Yeah the modern stuff is cool, but those Pirates and their ride really kick ass! Well done Miles.

  7. Great variety, and a lovely ship!