Friday, 9 March 2018

Flying Friday

You all thought you'd got away with it, didn't you? A Challenge without me. Well here I am, and I hope you've all got your seatbelts buckled and know the position to adopt.

Yes, folks, Senior Flight Attendant Tamsin is back to guide you through today's flight. Hopefully the ride won't be too bumpy. If this upsets you, blame Curt for selfishly taking a few days out of the city to keep Lady Sarah sweet recharge his batteries before the final rush.

So, what can you expect today? Apart from the wanton chaos and destruction which usually accompanies me of course.

Some Badger baiting from PeterD
A bit of Aaaaarrrr! from Miles
Short-arsed Spaniards from Victor
Wee (Free?) Scots and Imperial Bear Necessities from Millsy
Some Dumas guys in floppy hats from Ray
And maybe some more if others decide to drop in during the day.

Points will have to be added later as I don't have access to the spreadsheet yet.
Edit: I've got access to the spreadsheet, have done the necessary incantations, updated the scores and posted them to the table on the right for all the entries I've minioned and scheduled so far.


  1. cool, a plane trip on our favourite airline. good to see the old crate again

  2. Count me in let's take the comp for a ride yippeeee

  3. Have a great flight on Challenge Airlines, Tamsin!

  4. Welcome back! Sorry about the mess..... I blame the other minions, they’re a messy lot ;)

  5. Welcome back, Tamsin. Gosh, these seats feel familiar, but I love what you've done with the new upholstery. Is the in-flight drinks menu a bit more extensive than last time? Great to have you back!

  6. We're in safe hands. Welcome back!

  7. Good to have you back Tamsin. I've read the safety booklet, know where the exits are and had my Gravol - we're good to go.

  8. Are there any lifejackets left?

    1. There were, but when we checked them they were stuffed with little boxes of painted figures marked "property of RR - do not submit until 2355 on 20 March 2018".

  9. You never left us Tamsin, always there at the back of our minds to remind us to hound Ray and get on with the painting, but it's great to have you back in the pilotsseat ;-)