Friday, 9 March 2018

From Millsy: 28mm Warhammer Empire (72 points)

This post is a bit of a tale of things that almost were but not quite. The halberdiers were almost ready last week but just missed my posting day. The Empire mascot was almost ready for the Music bonus round, but again just wasn't quite ready in time. Anyway, they're done now!

The Empire halberdiers are painted up in the Carroburg colour scheme I've been working with a bit of late. I absolutely love red and black, it just works.

The miniatures themselves are from the "plug and play" series where the weapons were interchangeable - either a halberd, sword/shield combo or a crossbow. Great in theory but they are a pretty rubbish outcome in terms of ranking up. A dozen of these is all I'll ever want I reckon.

The Empire Mascot is one of those real character pieces that really make the army. He has no special rules or character stats so I'll likely use him just for decoration or as a unit filler to bulk something out. I'm reasonably confident he's a recast given he was too cheap by half on fleaBay but I can't say for certain and to be honest I'm not losing sleep over it. Ironic really considering I'm a chronic insomniac :-)

I've always admired the sculpt and wanted one in the collection despite the uncomfortable feeling I get with the bear being chained, forced to act against his true nature and presumably blinded in the line of duty.

So that's another 70 points for the total, getting me within sight of my target with a week or two to go.

Artist: Stabbing Westward
Album: Darkest Days, Wither Blister Burn & Peel


From Minion tamsin:
Fabulous work as ever Millsy. The halberdiers look great, but it's the bear that steals the show. He's a big beastie, so I'll give you a couple of extra points for him.


  1. Lovely looking pole axes Millsy - I can see what you mean about lining them up however. Love the bear!

  2. Excellent work again Millsy. Totally agree with the bonkers halberds...

    ...and the poor bear! As you say, what a cool miniature, and an incredible accent piece, but kinda sad...poor thing...

  3. "I absolutely love red and black, it just works," says man who has just painted an entire army in Essendon colours.

    Or is it the North Sydney Rugby League Club strip? You know, the BEARS? Wheels within wheels...
    ; )
    Terrific stuff! So good to see the old lead resurrected!

    1. Oh, and you could stat the bear as an Ogre with WS3 but minus the Fear option, and treat him as a battle standard - as long as the bear's OK, the troops' morale is as well!

  4. Amazing work Millsy, I love the bear and his handler! Cheers Mate!

  5. Amazing stuff Millsy! That Bear and handler really are a great addition to any unit :) Plenty of character!

  6. Good stuff, great colours.