Friday, 9 March 2018

From RayR: All For One! (20 points)

Well how about this then. 25mm figures from me that aren't for Donnybrook or the NYW?
I do plan to have another few reads of the Osprey Rules En Garde!
They may well be the rules I'll be using....of course I could always use Donnybrook??
The figures are from Redoubt Enterprises, which have recently been bought by 
Andy from Grubby Tanks!
I did order some transfers for their tabards for Redoubt, but got 3 figures in the post instead?
Not sure what happened there??
So I had to paint the design myself.
Hopefully I'll be able to paint up some rotters for the chaps to skewer before the Challenge ends?
4 x 28mm figures should earn me 20 point!





From Minion Tamsin:
Hmmmm. Those floppy hats, baggy trousers and tabards would probably be perfect for smuggling budgerigars - I wonder what attracted Ray to these figures? 
Very nice brushwork ray - a well deserved 20 points.


  1. Well done Ray!

    Given the recent havoc you have been causing, I'm impressed this was posted without sabotage!

    1. I did consider downloading the pics and editing them to add budgies, badgers and sandbags but decided it was too much work ;)

    2. It's all fixed now Greg. But it wouldn't be the challenge if we don't give Ray a hard time over something!

  2. Great work Ray! All for one and one for all!

  3. Well I have to say Ray these are mighty fine but that Porthos is a but too much like you, with that poo-catcher trousers, to be a coincidence!

  4. Great looking Musketeers Ray!


  5. Good stuff!

    In terms of points I’m sure you don’t want One for all!