Friday, 9 March 2018

From Millsy: 10mm Scots Royalist Horse (54 points)

Two posts in one week! It's almost like I've got some time to myself. In fact that's the truth with Simon Miller's cracking new For King and Parliament variant of his To the Strongest! rules all finished design-wise and ready for print. Given I've spent a fair bit of time with FKaP recently you can probably imagine where in the inspiration for this submission comes from. :-)

I've long been a fan of the Project Auldearn website and wanted to replicate Montrose's greatest victory for myself. Given that large project costs and associated storage are all considerations for me these days I decided to have a stab at the project in 10mm scale.

This week I've made a start on the Royalists forces under Montrose and finished all three cavalry units. All the miniatures are from Pendraken and very fine indeed they are too. Painted over a black undercoat they reward a high-contrast style and really pop when viewed from a couple of feet away, perfect for table-top viewing.

First up is Lord Gordon's Horse, a single base of 9 miniatures, mixing regular "English" horse with Scots to give the impression of a better equipped unit which would fight in the "Swedish" style, charging into the enemy before discharging their pistols in the melee.

You can see at the rear of the base room left for the unit name and dice holders for indicating hits, ammo and dash values under the FKaP rules. I'm going to have to do my own flags so I've left those for now to do in a batch once a few more units are complete.

Next up is Aboyne's Horse, a more typical Scots horse unit. There was roughly twice the number of these as Gordon Horse at Auldearn so I've chosen to do two bases, effectively two units in FKaP.

As you can see with the basing I've attempted to replicate the highlands in thick heather, gorse and grasses. Martin from Tajima1 very kindly knocked out a custom order of heather tufts in short order. They really look the business and I'm thrilled with the effect.

All up that's 27 wee horsemen for a total of 54 points.


From Minion Tamsin:
A short and sweet submission of short and sweet Scots. Great painting on the wee chaps and the basing looks sweet. That's another 54 points for you Mr Mills.


  1. Very nice indeed, the high contrast does look great at this scale.

  2. These have turned out splendidly! Lovely work, and the basing is everything you could have hoped for. Well done that man!

  3. Those are fantastic, Millsy. I'm really impressed with how far 10mm have come. I got some 17th Century Pendraken myself a couple of weeks back, and they're great figures - and they've really come to life here. I love the groundwork as well - that heather effect is just brilliant, as are the really funky bases with the dice holders. Top class work, Sir!

  4. Great looking scottish horse, the basing is lovely too!
    Best Iain

  5. Lovely work Millsy. The basing is excellent - love the heather.

  6. Great work Millsy - as others have noted, the quality of 10mm products seems to improve all the time. You help build the case for them here with some excellent brushwork!

  7. Very nice indeed

    Take care


  8. Gorgeous! The basing is simply superb.

  9. Very nice and like said above those bases are da bomb, both for the bases themselves as well as for the inclusion of the spaces for the dice.

  10. Nice work- especially the planning of the basing.