Thursday, 7 March 2019

From GuyB: Thursday: Cruel Seas Ships (138 points)

I've been playing a lot of Cruel Seas lately, which has become a surprise hit at my local gaming club. I painted a number of ships for my participation game at Poldercon 2018. Here are the ships:

First up are four S-Boots. The S-100 has a single, twin and quad flak 20mm, but I prefer the S-38 with a 37mm gun as it is earlier war and the 37mm has a better range.
The vorpostenboot (Outpost Ship) is one of my favourites. The camouflage was tricky but quite enjoyable to do. The ship itself is slow, but bristles with weaponry. Not bad for a converted merchantman.

Onto the British and we have the Armed Trawler. The exact model is a Strath Class trawler used in the Great War and in World War 2.  Her armament is a little odd, as the WW1 versions were equipped with 3" guns, not 3 pounders. I'd like an Isles class, as that has three 20mm Oerkilons and a 12 Pounder.
Next is the Fairmile D 'Dog Boat'. This is plain nastiness in Cruel Seas, armed with an array of guns which wouldn't be out of place on a destroyer. I'm planning a 1943 version, without the 6 pounder semi-automatic.
Finally for the British, there is a Mark 2 Vosper (late war). This is a conversion of a Warlord plastic Vosper with a 6 pounder semi-automatic gun. Finally, a Vosper with decent firepower!
I also painted up two targets. Tankers! I think Cruel Seas plays better with a scenario, so tankers are a must.
I've no idea on the points for these. Going by previous posts, a Vosper MTB has scored 8 points and a Ship is the equivalent of a 28mm vehicle. So I'm going to tentatively score 8 for the Vosper, 10 each for the Fairmile and four S-Boots, and 15 points each for the four large vessels. Sounds fair? Happy to be corrected.

Wow you have been productive and what wonderful ships you've painted! The camo patterened ship is excellent as are the S-Boots, Vosper and Fairmile, I really like the trawler and the two tankers,lovely work! So the difficult matter of points, I agree with your suggestions however a 28mm vehicle is now 20 points so I make your total 138!

All the best Iain 


  1. You have been busy - two posts in two weeks! Nice boats and ships Guy :)

  2. Very nice work Guy. I'm not sure on the premise of Cruel Seas with torpedo boats skirmishing against torpedo boats but torpedo boats going up against larger targets hits the spot for me. Your collection exemplifies this.

  3. A lovely collection here. I really admire the camo on the fourposter boot. Brilliant!

  4. "Cruel Seas" seems to have been a hit in many quarters. I can see why - I tried it and it was tremendously fun! These look great, excellent work.

  5. Very nice Guy. Love the dazzling camo!

  6. Awesome looking fleets you got there... Really should give this game a try.

  7. Very nice, particularly the dazzle!


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