Tuesday, 27 January 2015

From GregB - 20mm WWII Russian Support (18 Points)

One last batch of WW2 20mm stuff for now...
I am basically ginned up to paint science fiction right now, but I couldn't resist one last quick 20mm project to clean up the painting table a little bit.  This submission is a few more WW2 Russian troops - an MMG team, an AT rifle team, and a forward observer team. 

Lock and load! Figures from Elhiem

The MMG team is from Elhiem.  A water-cooled medium machinegun is kind of a "must" to get that proper WW2 look for the Russians - I love the heavy wheeled carriage, the little shield for the gunner, a nice little piece for the defense of the Motherland.

Could be lining up a shot on a panzer, a half-track, or even an unsuspecting grenadier...
The other figures are from FAA Miniatures.  I found the FAA figures to be a little shorter than the Elhiem and Plastic Soldier Company figures, and a little chunkier, but they have a lot of character and a some really well done figures and poses.

Just imagine how much artillery is on the other end of that phone call
Great sculpts from FAA
The AT rifle team is another Russian WW2 classic.  Generally an "early war" weapon, the Soviet army used these AT rifles pretty much straight through the war.  I find AT rifle figures are often fraught, as the long rifles are not simple to cast, and are not easy to assemble properly.  The FAA pack was done very, very well.

"I can see the fascists!"
The observation team is my preferred way to have artillery involved in games, and the FAA package is excellent - very well done.  I particularly love the observation scope, and I love that the one member of the crew is a female.

Liberate the rodina!
I thought it would be fun to take a "group" photo of the Russian 20mm WW2 stuff painted so far in the Challenge - a couple of figures pre-date the challenge, but most of this stuff done has been done since the Challenge started - very fun. 


  1. These look great, I will have to look into some of these guys for my 20mm Russians


  2. That's a seriously impressive line-up at the end there Greg. I don't think I'd have been able to resist adding a few more either :-)

  3. Stonkingly good work Greg. Don't forget you can still use the AT rifle later in the war sometimes as a sniper rifle.... So I am told.

  4. Oh these are awesome! The PTRD team is my absolute favourite.

  5. Very nice painting work. They are small gems!

  6. Very nice force of Russians! I don't think I've ever called a Force or Project finished....momentarily completed, but never finished! ;)