Tuesday, 27 January 2015

From JaccoK - 20mm WWII Civilian Vehicles (24 Points)

Three scenic items for the next 20mm WW2 game.

Simca 5
Original Simca 5 from 1945

This entry is a small one. I just wanted to paint the two 20mm civil vehicles and the memorial I purchased from Sgt's Mess.

Ford short chassis cargo body

French WWI memorial.

The Simca 5 was also used as a staff car by the German Army but I decided to paint the civil version.


  1. These cars are great but that statue is really nice and glad you kept the plaque fresh looking as it would still be come WWII


  2. Oh wow - that memorial is really something!

  3. Very well done. Love that Simca.

  4. Nice work Jake. What's in the truck? It looks seriously overloaded!

  5. Civilian vehicles are so often missed out from wargames so I am pleased to see a couple more in existence that have not been confiscated by the vile Nazis. Nicely done and liberate some more if you can.

  6. Nice CoB entry! I really like the truck, it looks like a true workhorse!

  7. Love seeing Civilian Vehicles wish we saw more of them.