Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Femme Fatale Finale...

Hi Everyone!

We would like to have our final say in the matter of our little side duel.

Sander's Last Words:

As you have surely noticed, the poll on our little side-duel has closed and after a hard fought battle the best Femme Fatale has won. Anne has came forth from the debris as the leading Killer Lady of this Challenge and she will receive the runner-up's model (i.e. mine) through the post.

We have had a huge heap of fun doing this duel and would like to thank you all for your kind comments and votes and of course Lord C. for all the support behind the curtains.
We would also like to make this Femme Fatale Duel a recurring side duel of the Challenge, but open to anyone wanting to participate. So we'll discuss this with Curt and perhaps you yourself could take us on in next year's Challenge!

Anne's Words: 

Here goes.

We had a grand time putting this together and hope you all enjoyed it.  Sander did rather a lot of work behind the scenes to make this happen and I must thank him for that. 

The best part of this for me now is that I get to own Momma Cabada. Her bright blue eyes, dewy green skin and those wicked cleavers will bring me pleasure for many a day to come.  

Again, thank you Curt for allowing us to do this.
Greetings from Anne and Sander


  1. recurring side duel. Interesting. I would definitely think about it!

    1. I'd be up for that, especially if it produces this kind of quality on an ongoing basis!

  2. Congrats to Anne and a hearty well done to Sander. Both figures were fabulous and it was hard to decide which way to vote :)

  3. I enjoyed watching the progress of the votes and think you both did excellently


  4. It was a very tough call between the two, so congrats to both of you!

  5. Congratulations!!! Both of them have been fantastic miniatures!

  6. A most excellent duel. Cheers

  7. Both were very impressive and diverse, I think a repeat next challenge with new duelists entered will be a wonderful sidebar!