Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From GregB - Lord Marshal for 30k Solar Auxilia (5 Points)

Lord Marshal for my 30k Solar Auxilia...what an outifit
Many folks are sprinting to the finish with some impressive submissions - great work everyone! For my part, I'm just trying to knock off a few spares that were sitting around the painting table before the Painting Challenge concludes.  In that spirit I present a Lord Marshal for my Warhammer 30k Solar Auxilia Force.

Nice cloak - and note the power cables connected to his snobby staff
The Lord Marshal is a supreme HQ figure for the Solar Auxilia.  Of course, Forge World has yet to release a figure to represent one in the range, but astute 40k types and Imperial Guard fans will recognize this miniature as the special character "Solar Macharius", which I think GW issued seven or eight years ago.  This is a 28mm metal figure (remember those?) from GW.

Remember metal figures?  I sure miss them...I guess I'm a grouch
"Solar Macharius" was intended to be a super-duper senior command special character for the GW Imperial Guard faction.  His backstory was not particularly imaginative and easily forgotten - basically he was really good at spending the lives of his men well organized attritional military action, and through this capacity is thought of as a "great" commander.  I would chalk this up to Warhammer 40k's dystopian setting, but real history is littered with many such "great" commanders.

Cloak made from endangered space caribou pelts, no doubt
When Forge World released the Solar Auxilia, I immediately thought of this figure as a suitable senior command model, and tracked one down on eBay (it took a while to find one with a suitable price).  I quite like the douchebag aspect of this figure - super ornate armour, a staff with a freaking bust at the tip - which is "plugged in" to something no less, implying a possible use as a weapon or force field.  The prissy cloak, the big sword, the heavy pistol, the whacky helmet - I love it.  I doubt he could even lift the sword!

Waiting to be cut in half by a Traitor Legion Marine
In the 30k rules they try to talk up the "Lord Marshal" as some kind of bad-ass commander, but I imagine him to be much more of a politically-connected REMF-type figure from the Imperium's pre-Horus Heresy era.  While his Solar Auxilia regiment makes a grim last stand in the face of assaults by Traitor Legion Marines, this asshat is preparing PowerPoint servitor presentations about "Force Paradigm Shifts" and worrying about getting the proper leave codes entered into SAP. After all, what sort of twonk would dress like this anywhere ever in any era, much less near a battlefield?

As a single 28mm figure, this guy will net me five points.  Not much, but it all counts!

From Curt:

I love this guy Greg! Beautiful paintwork, especially on his bronze armour and his command staff. I think your last (hilarious) paragraph pretty much seals his fate on the tabletop. I have a suspicion he will be experiencing, first hand, some 'blue-on-blue' fire.

Well done mon ami!


  1. Rear Echelon M.....! Very funny write up. More of that please. Top work sir. cheers

  2. Looks very nice, 30K has been a great addition to this years Challenge


  3. Nice work! Love the narrative I can imagine the Willy and Joe of 30k talking about this guy like that.

  4. "This is a 28mm metal figure (remember those?) from GW."
    Indeed I do mate. The true Heresy was the introduction of Finecast ;-)

  5. Hilarious! I love that he's an older model that fits in so well with the Auxilia aesthetic. And I dunno, but there's something sort of appealing about fielding a model that you're actually hoping will cop it... ;)

  6. Ha! " power point" ! Oh how I hate those words! ;)
    He looks brilliant! Nice blue cape too, he should look very impressive on the front line! ;)