Wednesday, 18 March 2015

AlanD - The Last Hurrah (92 Points)

Just managed to squeeze in a last couple of submissions this week to get me to my 2000 point goal. First up, another unit of 14 Late Romans. These are intended as part of a late fifth-century British army, where what I'm going for is the look of some Romanised urban militia and the remnants of some units of limitanei who probably continue to live with their families in the old Roman forts and associated settlements, eg on Hadrian's Wall, but certainly had nothing to do with any central Roman administration any more.


The shield design is that of the Exculcatores iuniores Britanniciani, an auxilia unit listed in the Notitia Dignitatum as under the command of the magister peditum in the west. It is highly implausible that any unit of limitanei in Britain had this shield, but maybe members of the auxilia palatina unit, who were probably originally from or stationed in Britain provided the original cadre for some continuing semi-professional post Roman unit? maybe I just liked painting the shield design??


Anyway, unlike the other post-Romans I've painted so far in the Challenge, these men are in the thick of combat. Figures are from Black Tree Design, Gripping Beast and Artizan, including a couple of plastic GB Dark Ages warriors with metal heads and shields from Westwind.

And finally, two pulp heroines for a friend, from Pulp Figures (the redhead) and Artizan.

They are destined for a shadow box, hence the odd basing.


And with that, Comrades of the Brush, I take my leave from the 5th Panting Challenge, with thanks to Curt and to everyone for the inspiring entries, competition and banter. 

From Curt:

A fabulous closing entry Dux and congratulations on hitting your Challenge points target in sytle! The pulp adventure gals are excellent and I'm sure your friend will be delighted with them.  Your Late Romans are fabulous, especially with your now-patented wonderfully bespoke shield designs. Just beautiful.

It's been a pleasure Mr. D.  As Mr. Dylan would say 'I Shall Beea Releeesed!' ;)


  1. Very nice work. Excellent shield wall looking unit. cheers

  2. Great last post, love the Romans


  3. Excellent work and a great last post. Congrats on reaching 2k! :)

  4. Cripes, I thought the shields were commercial transfers until I looked closely. Amazing!

  5. Nice work. Really like those shields.

  6. Very grand work! I love those shields, and that is a great blue!

  7. Very grand work! I love those shields, and that is a great blue!

  8. That's some pretty fancy paintin', Tex!

    Great work on those late Romans, well done!