Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From MikeP - 28mm American Civil War Infantry (140 Points)

I had to turn my back on the Challenge for the last two months to make the final push on my MA thesis, which happily went to the external reader today.  However, during these months I was able to snatch the odd hour to work on some figures, and my final entry for the Challenge is a selection of Union and Confederate infantry.

These are vintage Old Glory 28mm figures, the remnants of a bag of Hood's Texas Brigade that I bought about ten years ago.  I think these figures may be OOP now.  I had 12 figures left, enough for a four stand unit, which will get its banner the next time I place an order with either GMB or The Flag Dude.

The commander is a very dramatic fellow.  His sword broke off so I sawed off his hand and glued on a hand with a sabre from a Perry Brothers box of plastic ACW cavalry.  

I find Old Glory a rather dated line, but I like the fact that the figures seem tough and scrawny - they remind me of the famous quote about Jackson's troops during the Antietam campaign, that they looked like a pack of lean and hungry gray wolves.

I also had 8 Old Glory figures from another pack ordered years ago, infantry with slouch hats and knapsacks.  I decided to paint these up as Federals, since most Rebs carried their few possessions in a blanket roll.  With their black hats they can either flesh out my Iron Brigade units or serve as Sherman's Bummers out West.  I am not happy with the blue of the sack coats, it seems a little too dark and too purple.

Finally, here are 8 Renegade figures, which I painted up as test figures.  I would have liked to have completed the whole box, but 8 was all I had time for.   I quite like these figures, but it was slow going giving them a variety of shades of grey, tan and butternut.  I'm glad to see that Renegade figures are back in production, I would like more of them.

So, 28 28mm figures gives me, I think, 140 points, which will be my final Challenge entry and will get me over my target total. 

It's been a pleasure being part of this and seeing all your inspired work.  I look forward to going through the last six weeks of entries and catching up on what I missed.  

Cheers, MikeP

From Curt:

I knew you'd be very busy with your writing Mike so I'm absolutely delighted that you could squeak in an entry to pip your target before we switched the lights off for this year' Challenge. 

Very nice work here Padre. I too really like the scrawny look of the Old Glory sculpts - they work especially well with the Confederates I think. I quite like the look of those Renegade figures as well as they, conversely, have a nice heft to them. 

Thanks so much for participating this year Mike, it's always a pleasure seeing your work and reading your thoughtful comments. Best of luck in your thesis defense but I'm positive you won't need it.  I look forward to you basking in your upcoming Master-ness!


  1. Real nice work, hope all went well with the marking :-)


  2. Nice work! Congrats on hitting your goal.

  3. Very nice work Padre! :)

    It must be a great relief after all that hard work to see your thesis go out to the external examiner :)

  4. Grand work of the ACW, Padre! Huzzah! ;)