Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From SebG: Rushing to the end: 15mm Ancients, a fair bit of them (180 Points)

First of all, thanks to Curt for organizing this challenge, and also sorry for having so may bonus rounds. I had the minis prepped and primed, but sadly always missed the deadline. I'm also currently painting the Curtgeld, which unfortunately won't appear here. I had misjudged the amount of work I had to do with my new job, and sadly never found enough time to paint.

Anyway, for my second and last regular entry, I present you a lot of 15mm Ancients for Art de la Guerre. First, 26 Romans from Essex and Old Glory. The Roman mounted officer had been painted before and therefore won't count. Amongst those 26, 22 are legionaries with their shields handpainted. They can be used as allies, or rebellious Romans.

Next, we have 6 Sarmatian horsemen, from Forged in battle. Always a treat to paint.

Next, 16 hoplites, fron FIB, with LBMS shield decals.

And next, a lot of Thracians, from Forged in battle: 14 skirmishers, 10 of them having shields, with LBMS decals.

And 12 footmen armed with the dreaded romphaia

They have been bloodied already last week, and they won! No one messes with the Thracians!

Hmmm, if I hurry, I might publish one last entry...

From Curt:

It's great to get a visit from you before we drop the curtains Seb! 

These units look fantastic! I especially like the Romans with the dark shields - they look like very bad lads. Ooh, and the chaps with the romphaia look to be a nasty lot as well - I like them on their irregular basing and great work on the shields.

Also, congratulations on getting them bloodied AND with a victory under their belt (a rare occurrence with any new figures it seems). 

I look forward to perhaps one last lunge from you Seb - dig deep!


  1. Great entry Seb - have to agree with Curt, the fellows with dark shields look pretty tough.

  2. Some very nice looking figures Seb, love them shields!

  3. Nice one Seb these are lovely. The chaps with the romphaia are my favourites I think.

  4. Tremendous submission. great all round

  5. Well done Seb!
    having a Thracian army is so fantasmatic!

  6. Very cool - I really like the dark tones

  7. Great work Seb, I really wish I could have got in on the Forged In Battle Kickstarter, those figures look great


  8. Those are very lovely! I really like the colors and basing!