Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From ClintB - NSL starships (98 Points)

Well finally after a mammoth struggle I have managed to get part of my New Swabian League (NSL) star fleet done. Firstly let me explain the different bases. Your normal bog standard run of the mill flying base is supplied with each model (sometimes in metal) but these really are very likely to get knocked over very easily as the star ships are VERY top heavy. And as I bought these ships second hand (Assembled but not even primed) most of the flying stands were superglued on or snapped off with the plastic plug still inside them. As I knew I was going to rebase them this was not an issue for me originally. But when It came to doing them I was sweating and swearing and not having a good time. Therefore I have decided to go with the ones that I can. Where flying bases are glued on and just not likely to budge no matter how harsh my language got I have now left them in place but put them on my hand cut and polished 3mm thick black Perspex bases! No not ideal but good enough to get them in the Challenge and stop me throwing them round the room as I throw my toys out of the pram once more.

The unpainted 28mm figure is just for size comparisons, no other reason. But she will be the next figure I paint!

First off a "Erzherzog" Class superdreadnought. (A very heavy model) Above

 Above there is a "Wien" Class light Carrier

A "Prince Hienrich" Class assault Transport

 2 "Keil" Class Light Cruisers.

 Then a "Graf Spee" Class battleship Above

 2 "Frankfurt" Class escort Cruisers

A "Van der Tann" Class Battlecruiser.(above but the unpainted figure has gotten bored and wandered off!

And Finally (for this Challenge)

A Civilian Transport ship (Brigade models) pressed into service as fleet logistical support. Yeah that's right a bullet magnet target for all the other players.

I will leave the Corvettes, Frigates and destroyers to follow after the Challenge finishes. So Only 10 ships but at least on stands that don't fall over with the slightest breeze.

From Curt:

Very nice work Clint! I really like your use of the red horizontal lines partitioning the various segments of the ships. What does the bright green tower thingy signify? Is it the bridge? Hey, as these are 'New Swabian League' ships perhaps the green domes are the ships' amphitheater for the requisite 36 hour-long Wagnerian operas. :)

I remember when these models first came out thinking that the bases they provided were far too wee for the large metal castings they were meant to support - it must have made you completely bonkers working with them always toppling over. I like your large black perspex bases as they frame the miniatures nicely.

How many more do you have yet to do Clint? It's shaping up to be a very nice collection.

Well done.


  1. Great stuff Clint - that's a nice clean colour scheme you've used (unlike my usual "busy" look with lots of details picked out] :)

    The "merchant" is actually the NSL fleet tanker from GZG.

    Of course, the big question is - can you paint up another 50 points of ships before the Challenge ends? Go on - you know you want to ;)

    1. Thanks mate. Originally I was going to steer clear of using Grey or Red so funny how this has turned out.

      I bow to your better knowledge of GZG ships. I was told I had bought a mixture of GZG and Brigade and having identified all the rest as GZG. I did not bother checking I just took Alan Abbey word for it!

      No more planned for this challenge. So feel free to declare yourself the winner.

  2. Replies
    1. Cheers Ray. I am going to have to go back and do a better job on the flight stands as I am not happy with them.

  3. Good to see you in with another entry before we're done Clint. It sounds like they gave you some grief but the outcome is worth your effort.

    1. Yeah they did give some grief. And I refer you to the above reply. I am just not happy with them.

      Also hoping to get one more very small entry in before the challenge ends.

  4. Aaah about time too.. Spaceships, very nice

    1. The bases were a struggle, not so much in making them but in drilling the old snapped of bases from the second hand models.

      Cheers Dave.

  5. Thanks Curt. I have no idea what the green bubble is! It could be sensor arrays or shield generators or air recycling plant or as you say an Opera hous3. to me it does not matter. If it is an opera house though I should confess I much prefer "Flute" to the ring cycle. (I used to get free Opera tickets when I was a student as a friend worked for "Opera North" . )

    As for how many ships left 10 (4 Corvettes, 3 Frigates and 3 Destroyers).

    Cheers Curt for running the whole thing.

    1. You're more than welcome my friend! It's great to have you in the mix as I always enjoy your work.

  6. Shame about your issues with the bases as this is spoiling them a little for you. For me how has not had to struggle with them I can just sit back and enjoy them :-)


  7. Good stuff these should be ready for a space opera... sorry someone was going to so it may as well be me.

  8. Very cool fleet, Clint! They look all business in the colors you chose! I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of them, and how you figure out the bases! ;)