Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From JuanM. The last one... (25 Points)

Hello, my friends.
Here we are, finishing The Challenge and I have a lot of figures to paint! This has been, again, a fantastic experience, to share with all of you this hobby.
I would like to add a final entry, but I´m not sure if I´m going to have enough time, so this one can be the last one:

This is a Battle Honor/Kitney Miniatures 28mm US Paratroops Officer. I am looking for suitable and nice models to prepare an US Platoon for "Chain of Command", and these models are really good; smaller than other more modern, but nice.

A bunch of true "heroic scale" 28mm kids from Haslefree Miniatures. Fantastic models, full of childish character and really useful for my Fantasy project.

The Governor, from Pulp Figures; another of their excellent models. He is going to be the British Commissioner in Bolo Bolo, waiting for the end of the Japanese Mandate in the near archipelago and the independence of the island. He is also a great source of information... 

And this is all. I think this is better to finish now my participation in The Challenge. As I have said, this has been a wonderful experience. Thank you a lot to all of you and, especially, to the tireless Curt.


From Curt:

Ah, a lovely final entry Juan. It's funny I've not seen a Battle Honors figure in the Challenge for quite some time so this is a breath of fresh air. That paratrooper sculpt is quite nice - I look forward to seeing more of these on your blog in the coming months. The kids are painfully cute but I have to say that my favourite of the batch is The Governor with his somewhat dainty parasol and light green suit. I'm sure he'll prove to be a pivotal  character in your South Pacific pulp game Juan.

It's been brilliant to have you in the Challenge again this year Juan. Your entries, while frequently small in scope, have always paid off big in their quality and execution. Until next year!


  1. What great work to finish on again Juan. I especially like the smoothness of the work on the Governor's jacket.


  2. Stunning paintwork !
    all the figures you produced in the challenge are masterpieces !

    Congratulations Juan!

  3. That's a great finish Juan. I love those Hasslefree kids, but I'm with Curt on this - the Governor is the pick of this bunch. :)

    Hope to see you joining us again next year! :)

  4. Thank you very much!!!

    See you next year!!!

  5. They are all grand, Juan! The gov does it for me too! I've enjoyed very much all of your entries this challenge! ;)

  6. These are great Juan, what a fine fellow the governor appears to be and those kids are really characterful. A fine finish to your challenge - but just shy of your target...? Not that I can talk ;-)