Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From ScottB - 5 x 15mm Panzer III M (30 Points)

Well I managed a little more time to work on my own stuff, with no more 54mm Anzac or Turk stuff showing up just yet...

So I have managed to get this last entry done, just under the wire... and as the saying goes... and now for something completely different...

 Well OK not completely different ...but I haven't painted much of this stuff in a while... ;-)

So here we have 5 Plastic Soldier Company 15mm scale German Panzer IIIM.

I have done them in my typical style of 3 colour German mid/late war camo...

The Panzer III in all its incarnations was pretty much a workhorse of the mid war period and was still seeing action later in the conflict... it went through several upgrades over the course of the war, both to its armour thickness, main gun armament and side armour Schurzen plates to help protect the weaker side armour against infantry fired anti-tank weapons..., the Ausf M being one of the later most upgraded versions...

So this little platoon of tanks will give me a little extra versatility in my German forces both in Mid war and Late war settings.

Here's a close up of the command tank... Decals by DOM.

Just like to finish off by saying I've had a blast this year, really enjoyed it, though must admit I'm feeling a little burned out now by this time, especially with the Anzac addition to the Challenge this year for me... but its nearly over and the end of March is not that far off.

Thrilled I reached my first target, even if it was with a little help from the bonus round points, and pressed on through second target and will finish just shy of my final target, but I am pretty stonked with that :)

Thanks for all the kind comments and votes for the bonus rounds... and a big thanks to Curt for managing all the madness! I don't know know how you manage it, and paint and have a life outside of the hobby!

No doubt I'll see you all again next this is ScottB...signing out...

From Curt:

Ah, it's very nice to see you return to your 15mm WWII stuff Scott. You've done some lovely work on these. I've always liked the look of the M variant of the Pz III - with its centerline cuppola, bolted-on armour upgrades and the long 50mm gun - it has a honest workmanlike aesthetic about it. A great design. You've also done a wonderful job with the camo and the weathering looks excellent as well. 

I'm delighted to hear that you've had a good Challenge this year Scott. You definitely wowed us with your various LotR/Hobbit entries - providing a huge amount of inspiration to those of us collectng the models and/or who loved the films.

Best of luck with your participation in the Gallipoli exhibit - it's a one-of-a-kind opportunity so enjoy it!


  1. Excellent Panzers! Been great to see your painting here. ANZAC project is so freaking awesome! I failed to deliver a LOTR entry. Perhaps next time? Cheers Scott

  2. The camo work is excellent, your WWII stuff is always top draw


  3. Nice Panzers. It's been a pleasure having you along for the ride Scott :)

  4. Very good work! I like the Panzer III and these look great I may have to look at PSC for supplementing my Flames of War collection.

  5. Great looking tanks! I may get some PSC stuff, just because you all have made them look so nice! ;)