Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From Milesr: More 28mm US Marines (70 Points)

I managed to complete 14 more US marines for my Bolt Action Marine army.  This is likely my last submission this year unless I can get home early enough tonight.  I'm chairing a board meeting later today so I guess I could just cut it off early - hmmmm fiduciary responsibility vs more painting time - that's a tough question....

These are all metal figures from Warlord and a few other manufacturers whose names I can't remember!

 First up is a .30 cal ammo bearer and machine gunner firing "Basilone" style.  John Baselone was a Marine sergaent who won the Medal of Honor at Guadalcanal firing a .30 cal on the move.

 Seven Marine riflemen - armed with 4 garands, 2 bars and a shotgun

A 60mm Mortar team.  I'll scratch build both 81mm and 105mm mortars to give some extra firepower options.
Lastly a marine sniper team.  The spotter on the left is sporting a captured samurai sword so these guys have seen some action.

Finally, a picture of the full Marine force - 48 figures and a tank - not bad production for 4 days.

I would be less than candid if I didn't say I'm kind of looking forward to switching from painting figures to making terrain.  Three months of intensive figure painting has been great but I think I need to have a bit of a change of pace!

As hinted above, I have one more potential submission but it will likely require a very late night tonight and I'm just not sure I'm up for it.

This year's Challenge has been a grand ride and I'm very grateful for both Curt and all the participants who make this such an enjoyable event.  For Curt the best way I can express my thanks is to borrow a phrase from my Navy friends and say a very hearty "Bravo Zulu".

From Curt:

48 28mm figures and a tank in four days!? That is awesome work Miles. I love the figure firing the .30 cal on the hop - very hardcore.  I think we need a final photo of all the stuff you managed to get done since the Challenge's start. I'll check over on your blog in the coming weeks to see if you come up with the goods.

Miles, you've consistently been one of my best supporters and a great promoter of the Challenge and I cannot thank you enough (for example, Miles sent me several pounds of excellent dark roast coffee early in this year's Challenge to keep me awake and on my toes). I've always enjoyed your incredibly varied entries, and even though I cannot fully appreciate your penchant for 1:1 scale 'fast attack combat furniture', I hope you will join us next time the AH Challenger sets sail.  'Roger Dodger.'


  1. a complete force in 4 days ! wow!

    I really like the flamethrower team with the jerrycan supply.

    Semper Fi Miles!

  2. Great stuff Miles, that's quite a force


  3. I suppose I'll never live down the hobby stool incident of 2014. Kids, let this be a lesson to all of you that your actions do have ramifications.....

    I now must look forward to an uncertain future, forever marked with a scarlet "H"

  4. That's a cracking force to have painted up so quickly. Great stuff :)

    In case this is your last entry, it's been a real pleasure having you along but next year could you please attach a sprinkler system to your back - I've been choking on the dust cloud you've been kicking up ;)

  5. The marines look very sharp! I really like the sandy basing and their fatigue coloring!