Saturday, 23 January 2016

From TamsinP - 15mm Righteous Army (194 points)

Five weeks in and here is my 8th entry for this year's Challenge.

Last week I submitted a command stand for the Righteous Army contingent of my 15mm Choson Koreans. Well, a commander needs troops to command so here are 96 Righteous Army infantry as my 8th entry.

In FoGR, the Righteous Army can either be taken as [Warriors, Unarmoured, Average, Bow*, Light Spear, -] at 5 points per base or [Warriors, Unarmoured, Poor, -, Light Spear, -] at 2 points per base. For this batch I've gone with the former - I may in future do a batch of the latter.

Getting in a little closer to each of the battle groups:

And a closer look at the command stands to show off the flags:

The figures are 15mm from Old Glory 15s; the flags are home made - after gluing onto the poles I went over the edges and washed the faces with thinned paint. For the blue and green flags I went back over the slogans with thinned red paint and a 3/0 brush as the wash had obscured them. I probably need to do the same for the orange flag.

I deliberately went for a grubby look as these chaps would have been living rough.

I make this 192 points unless Curt gives extra for the flags, which should put me back comfortably in the top 10.

These are terrific Tamisin. Such nice, clean paintwork and a very fast turnaround! Amazing. I really like the final shots of the flag waving mob (you know, that would look very cool nestled within one unit). I also really like the leaders and drummers. Question: I know you live in a London flat, so where do you store all your painted collections? You must have them squirreled-away all over the place!
194 points for you Tamsin. More than enough to place you back into the top ten. Well done!


  1. A cracking job there Tamsin..

  2. Great and numerous painting work!

  3. great bunch of victims in FOGR;-)
    well done Tamsin!
    the dull colors on the kimonos are very nice, I have seen red belts but no black belts, will the troopers pass it soon?

    all the best.

    GillesW "more kung fu panda than bruce lee"

  4. Nice submission, Tamsin! I really like the command stands and banners! Very tidy force! ;)

  5. Great unit. I agree with Curt about the flags in 1 unit

    1. @ Martin - you commented while I was replying to the rest! Cheers! I'm sure I'll have to work out some way of getting all the flags together in a game :)

  6. @ Curt - thanks! Re. storage - my flat is reasonably large, so I do have space for a few more painted armies [or will have once my lounge repairs are done] :)
    Having all the banners together would look cool, but in game the battle groups would have to be in column to get that look :(

    @ Dave D - cheers! :)

    @ Juan - thanks! :)

    @ Gilles - merci, but they're paji rather than kimono ;)
    As for the belt colours, most of them just have plain cloth :)

    @ Fran - thanks big fella :)

    @ David B - cheers! A tidy force indeed when you combine them with the monks I painted last year and a bunch of levy troops and maybe some peasants :)

  7. What a mass of great looking infantry! Love the flags.

  8. Excellent submission! The flags are very well done too

  9. Lovely work again Tamsin, that army must be getting rather large now


  10. If this army fights as well as it looks I am sure you will have many many victories.

  11. Got you there Tamsin: you really must have an army of painting-gnomes hiding away under your desk! It really is amazing how fast you can create such great looking entries to the Challenge. I bow down to your magnificence ;-)

  12. Nice addition to the army. The flags look great.

  13. @ Greg - thanks! :)

    @ Peter - cheers! the toughest part with the flags was coming up with slogans and using Google Translate to get them into the Korean script :)

    @ Miles - thanks! :)

    @ Ian - cheers. It is getting rather big - onto my 4th box file now! :)

    @ Clint - thanks! They've done quite well in most of the battles they've fought so far :)

    @ Sander - shsh! Don't go telling everybody about my secret army of enslaved painting demons! ;)

    @ Sean - thanks! :)

  14. These are great - I'd be tempted to play all the command stands in the same unit given how colourful they look lined up together!

  15. Oh wow.... wonderful painting and amazing speed. Never mind enslaved painting demons - you must be using a bionic brush!! Really great work, Tamsin!

  16. @ Jamie - cheers! It would look grand, but I rely on them to show where units start and end so they need to be separated :)

    @ Sidney - thanks! It helps that they're a relatively simple paint without too many details to worry about :)

  17. I know so little about this period- nice painting!