Saturday, 23 January 2016

From TamsinP - 28mm Aztec Cuextecatli (22 points)

Just to rack a few more points up, here are 4 more Aztecs for my meso-American Frostgrave setting.

These are warriors who have captured two enemies in battle for sacrifice at the temples. Such warriors were entitled to wear a feathered suit (cuextecatl), a conical hat, sandals and a loincloth with embroidered ends. The cuextecatl was a one-piece cotton suit to which red feathers were sewn (with black double-stripes at various points) and was worn over the padded ichcahaupilli armour.

Their shields were decorated with the "hawk scratch" design.

They were also accorded certain privileges in civilian life, such as the wearing of a distinctive cape to show their rank.

The figures are 28mm from The Assault Group. For my variant Frostgrave setting, these will probably be classed as "infantry".

Scoring time - 4 x 28mm foot = 20 points.

Oh, these are very nice Tamsin! I really like your take on the current Frostgrave craze. Will you try to pick out some South American beasties that will fit in-theme? A jaguar or some sort would not go amiss here I think.
Lovely work!


  1. after korean paji, now feathered pyjamas!;)
    you done a great work on them, hand painted shields, suit markings and just in time for this weekend!
    congratulations Madame!;)

  2. I am loving the alternative setting, I only wish my club players were as adventurous. Brilliant suit wearers.

  3. They look really good. The setting for frost grave is a great one. Although since the invention of the onesie Aztec types are a little less scary - they look like my brother in law on a Sunday

  4. Nice colour choices, well done

  5. Great choice of colours! Amazonian Frostgrave that will be a game to look out for for sure.

  6. Very nice - I really like the idea of a different setting for Frostgrave.

  7. Very nice Tamsin. Can you pronounce the name of the troops?
    Cheers Peter

  8. Nice! What are you using for reference on these? I need to take a trip over to your blog to find out.

  9. @ Curt - thanks! They were quite fun to paint once I'd got the red right :)
    There will be suitable beasties coming along at some point. I don't have a Jaguar yet (must order one from Gringo 40s) but there may be some puddy-cat types next weekend ;)

    @ Gilles - merci beaucoup! :)
    I wasn't sure if I'd manage to finish them in time for this week, and only just submitted them in time :o

    @ Clint - cheers! In some regards, it would have been easier (but less fun) to stick to the intended setting :)

    @ Martin C - thanks! The onesies might not look very fierce, but those clubs edged with obsidian shards still look pretty nasty :)

    @ Dave D - cheers! The colour choices were limited by history - red with black stripes for the suit :)

    @ Sander - thanks! The Aztecs weren't Amazonian though - are you thinking of the Incas? :)

    @ Anne - thank you m'dear :)

    @ Juan - thanks! :)

    @ Miles - cheers! I wasn't the only one to have that notion though - I've seen people doing desert and sci-fi variants [someone has used it for Star Wars games] :)

    @ Peter - cheers! I think I can make a pretty good stab at pronouncing the names of different troop types and bits of equipment :)

    @ Sean - thanks! I'm using a mix of sources, including Ospreys (although their assertion that the feather suits for these guys could be colours other than red seems to conflict with every other source I've read). The Codex Mendosa only shows them in red; other colours seem to have been reserved for priest warriors and some of the elite warrior societies :)

  10. Great to see these finished after your re-start


  11. The sheilds and warclubs are great, Tamsin!
    Excellent work on my southern cousins! ;)

  12. Nice work on these Love the look of these

  13. Well done Tamsin! Your pyjama party really should instill fear in their opponents.

  14. Great stuff, love these guys!

  15. Nice work Tamsin! You sure don't see aztecs or other american cultures painted up too often! Some of the best looking "uniforms" in all of history

  16. Great work I've always wanted to have a go at an Inca or Aztec army, and painting wonderful figures like these is not helping me resists temptation!

  17. @ Ian - cheers! Luckily I didn't need to do to much to recover from the botch-up with the red on my first attempt :)

    @ David B - thanks! :)

    @ Adam - cheers! :)

    @ Moiterei - pyjama party? They're not in a sorority! ;)
    Which reminds me - must watch Animal House again :)

    @ Chasseur - thanks! :)

    @ Samuli - you don't do you? Maybe people think they're too complicated to paint? :(

    @ Sidney - glad to have added to the temptations :)
    Sad that I know yours will look much better :(

    @ Greg - cheers! :)

  18. Allowed to wear a cap in public....interesting. Groovy looking dudes with interesting history. Great work. cheers