Saturday, 23 January 2016

From ChrisH - A few more Naps (326 Points)

Well as CanCon nears for us in the Antipodes my speed painting is getting into gear so that I can sell the odd mini and well buy more of course. As my preferred miniatures are historical I wanted to do a few more Napoleonics to rush through a few more points. Work is about to recommence and thus I will run out of time to do too many more. So first up another unit of Austrians and a nice little gun to go with them and some single based British from the Peninsular period. Finally another Zombie hunter just for fun and well I had some extra grey paint to use up and not waste.

Campaign style Austrians 2nd battalion for this challenge

Victirx rather than Perry's this time

I used a matt varnish with a dot of black to give them that gritty look

Love the gun the crew were not quite Victirx or Perry

Victrix Brits

Maybe for Sharpes Practice 2nd edition????

zombie Hunter 3

Overhanging grass could do with a mow

So Points wise 36 + 5 + 21 +1 all times by 5 and 10 for the gun should be about 325 I think. Still having fun so thanks for looking.

Okaaay, the Saturday bombing run continues...
Fantastic work Chris. Your Austrian infantry continues to wow and that artillery piece looks the business. I always have a hard time getting enthused about painting artillery so I'm always impressed when I see others do a good job on them. Those British look very smart as well and I agree that they will be great for Sharpe Practice. (2nd Edition? When is this happening?)
Your 'Austrian Zombie Hunter' is excellent (a great use of 'spare paint'), though she somehow seems far too dynamic to be from that race - maybe a huge bicorne, baggage train and a chestful of medals will slow her down. ;P
These 325 points vaults you forward to smash through your initial 500 point target (what were you thinking when you set that target?!). Congratulations Chris! Well done! Now I need you to set a revised goal to keep you dashing to the finish line.


  1. Quite a points bomb there! Impressive work Chris!

  2. Well done Chris, great work on the Austrians.

  3. Always like to see Austrians , nice job

  4. I love all the Nap's great work


  5. nice looking austrian napoleonics!

  6. Very fine work, Chris! They all look really good especially the British Infantry!

  7. Austrians! Oh yeah! Great stuff.

  8. Rank apon rank of Austrians look tremendous. I do like the colour and spectacle of mas ranked NAPOLEONIC troops they always look most impressive.

  9. Great job on these. I'm particularly drawn to those single based British for Sharpe's Practice.

  10. great stuff - I may be biased, but the redcoats look the best :)