Monday, 14 March 2016

From AdamC- Two Frostgrave Soldiers (10 Points)

I'm Planning to use this fellow as a Frostgrave "knight" (Soldier with mail, shield and hand weapon) and I think he'll also find himself in games of Saga as a warlord.  He's a Dark Sword figure from the George RR Martin range called Alfyn Crowkiller one of the wildlings form beyond the wall.  I'm not a fan of the series (or I was but lost interest) but the figures are great and I have many of them.

He' has great detail on his face and I did the shield in colors that would match my Necromancer, I think he'll make a good leader for a unit of humans defending him either in Frostgrave or as part of a Dragon Rampant army.

The cloak looks like it will keep him very warm in Frostgrave and its environs.  He's a very good 28mm figure (actually he might be a 30 or 32mm scale figure but they call him 28mm so I will take Dark Sword at its word)

This is another figure form the same line a character called Yegrit (?) also a wilding.  I'm planning to use her as part of a all female war band for the game I am running at Huzzah!Con.

The figure has a great in action pose I feel like she just fire on the run and is skidding to a halt or maybe scrambling backward to stay out of hand weapon range

So that two more figures both of 28mm scale so 10 points.

Ahh, these are lovely figures Adam. I have this series of models sitting in storage and this entry reminds me why I got them in the first place (it's certainly NOT because of that pompous waste of skin GRR Martin). The knight's armour is excellent and I really like the shield design you've given him. Ygritte is also well done, I particularly like her vibrant 'firetouched' hair and her more humble leather gear. Great work. 
'You know nothing, Jon Snow.' 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Which one did you like?

    2. I like the males cloak the best. That brown is just gorgeous.

    3. Thanks I was pleased with how it came out.

  2. Great figures Adam. Love the capes and the shield.

  3. My word you've churned stuff out this Challenge Adam. Well done!

  4. As the "challenge" comes to an end we can still rely on you to give us a Frostgrave thrill. Will you squeeze any more in I wonder!

    1. I might have one, maybe two more but we shall see this is bussy week.

  5. Nice work on the pair, Adam! Those are some beautiful poses and sculpting! ;)