Monday, 14 March 2016

From MilesR: Stug Life (31 points)

 This Challenge may be ending more with a whimper than a bang for me but it's been a grand ride.  My latest submission is 5 Stug 105MM assault guns in 15mm scale.  These are from Plastic Soldier Company and I recommend them highly.  Each tank has 19 parts and goes together very easily.

 These are painted up for the Italian theater and provide a very good all round unit for a German army
 This submission pretty much finished up my German collection fro Flames of War save the odd Tiger or Panther.
 5 tanks at 6 points each comes to 30 points and add 1 pt for the 1/2 crew figure - that's a total of 31 points

Not really ground shaking but there you go.

One of the reasons for the low production this week was I went to Pittsburgh to visit my son in college.  We spent the day at the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.  It's a fascinating place and has one of the highest rated green energy setups and Sean wanted to see how it works.

My baby boy, who has been lifting weights and now has 60 inch shoulders.  We went to a Tapas place for dinner Saturday night with some of his friends and the amount of food consumed was staggering.  I may not be able to afford any new paints!

Hopefully one or two more things will get painted before the Challenge ends - we'll see.

It's wonderful that you got a visit in with your boy Miles. He looks very hale, hearty and happy in that last picture. 
Those are some nice StuGs. I like the stowage and the paintwork is very smooth (airbrush?). They look ready to enjoy the sights in Tuscany and provide future scrap for postwar Italy. :)
Now c'mon and buck up Miles. The top of the heap is just in sight - you'll just have to dig deep for this last week. You can do it! 


  1. Replies
    1. Bugger, beat me to it :-). Nice work regardless Miles.

    2. Get StuG in!

      I can't believe you didn't have that one in reserve!

  2. Great stugs. An iconic model for the period, and the paint job is solid. I loathe plastic kits generally, but you are quite right - their vehicle kits are top shelf.

  3. Nice job on those!

    You're boy is certainly all grown up and such a beautiful head of hair on him. They do tend to eat you out of house and home though. I refer to mine as a land shark.

  4. Everyone loves a good stug, and these are certainly that. The stowage really makes them.

  5. I do love the StuG. These look great

  6. Me? - bad puns? Perish the thought. All of my puns go through extensive testing and consumer panel review before going to market. In fact, the term "Stug Life" was the number one consumer selection. Other terms that lost out included:
    "This Stug's for You"
    "Mama-Mia, that's a spicy Stug"
    "Got Stug?"
    "Have a Stug and a smile"

    Rest assured that my puns are both very witty and backed by extensive consumer research.

  7. Forgive me I do not get the Pun. (I am having a "Thick " Moment) But do not explain it I am happy being "Thick".

    I do like the stugs though. Nice to see them Plainly painted and not cammoed up. I would have to paint them in camo patterns and I may well be wrong to do so seeing these.

  8. The StuG life chose you. Nice one.

  9. I appreciate your wit almost as much as your work, Miles! ;)
    Those armor beasties are very nice. If I do go into flames of war Analog Hobbies and the rest of you should get get a kick back for enticing me more than anything else! ;)

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