Monday, 14 March 2016

From LeeH - 6mm Numidian Cavalry (32 Points)

The end of the painting Challenge is bearing down upon us like an express train and the panic is starting to well up...despite the fact that I have done the math and am confident that I will hit my target of 500 points. I have been very happy with my progress throughout the event and my painting output has been significantly higher than it would have been without the imperative of the competition. My latest submission is very likely my last Punic War entry and nicely rounds off my Carthaginian army (for the time being at least).

The Numidian Light Cavalry have often been described as the best of their type in the ancient world at that time. Certainly they played a significant part in the victories of Hannibal and, ironically, in his eventual defeat at Zama. The Numidian horseman rode bareback and controlled his mount with a rope around the horses neck rather than with a Bit as did regular cavalry. Despite this the Numidian's were famed for their horsemanship and ability to harass their enemies with fast movement and manoeuvre. Riders didn't wear armour and generally were only protected by small round leather shields. They were armed with javelins but some also carried swords for personal defence.

I have painted these in fairly plain colours but have given them an assortment of hand painted animal hide shields.

These four bases contain thirty two 6mm cavalry which should earn me 32 points, and drags me even closer to my target. 

Your micro-scale work has been such a treat this season Lee, and these follows do not disappoint. I really like the hide shields and the staggered formation elegantly reinforces their irregular status. Great work!


  1. Nice Work! great looking little horsemen.

  2. Great hordes of light horse Lee.

  3. I have been waiting for these. Love them and would consider doing a 6mm Numidian army on the strength of them.

    Loads of light Cavalry and maybe Jubals Black legion as well. Oh that sounds good to me.

  4. Great stuff, love the 6mm.

  5. Nice work on them, Lee! Beautiful detail you packed into them! ;)