Monday, 14 March 2016

From JamieM - To Err is Human, to ARRRRR is Pirate (160 Points)

Herewith find one of these "quick" projects I'm sure we've all embarked upon. Why did I do pirates? Because when I was doing the l'amour round, I mixed up too much flesh colour, so I slapped some on these already undercoated pirates (undercoated for last year's Challenge no less)... Similar story for the flesh wash. Then I thought "I'll just finish these, won't take long!" And here I am, three weeks later. Sigh.

Anyway, these are the Pirates and some civvies to operate in game by making the board look prettier, be objectives and perhaps fight back at times!

All black scorpion, barring the bartender who is black cat bases.

I hadn't realised the bartender had a monkey in a dress on his shoulder until I got painting. Great little detail.

And the scurvy seadogs.


In addition, I finally finished their ship! I'm actually sort of glad I didn't finish in time for the nautical round having seen the quality of the entries. Mine is a little more..... Bargain basement, shall we say :)

It's produced by that famous scale model making company, playmobil. Via eBay. 

I chopped down the mast and replaced it with a dowel one and added a second mast, door to the captains cabin, figurehead and a fancy window on the back.

Quick coat of paint and its ready to take to the seas! I have done a real bodge job on the rigging and sails.... I thought it would be easy, but I clearly need to study some of the excellent entries others have produced for tips!

I also purchased 6 little guns to go in the gun holes (they probably have a technical name, right?) and painted them very simply indeed.

And last, but by no means least, the Curtgeld. 

This chap is clearly a risk taker. Being a pirate makes that a bit of a given, but look, he's lost a hand, probably as a result of taking a risk! And wearing a hat with a skull and crossbones on it that screams out "I am a pirate" is a pretty big gamble....

I had to re-base him because when I finished basing him (why is it never earlier?) I found this smashing little base with a turtle on. And the turtle is clearly a risk taker as he's on a pirate ship for some reason.

I am aware that I've delivered a privateer and a pirate for my two years of the Challenge and I fully intend to do a ninja, astronaut and train driver to complete the set of "things we wanted to be when we grew up when we were 8".

So that's absolutely no points towards defending my lead in the HH side challenge, because doing that would have been too sensible.

Aside from that, thanks must go to Greg for corralling us Friday kids and commenting very generously on our varied works - wouldn't have been possible without the tireless work of the minions... Now just don't go dropping an HH points bomb on me, ok?

This entry just killed me.

Jamie, all this stuff is brilliant.  I absolutely love the Curtgeld pirate. That little turtle on the base is definitely the risk taker amongst the two (I think he needs an eyepatch). Soup anybody? Thank you so much.

I must say your Playmobil ship is the absolute t*ts! I seriously need one of those bad boys. The funny thing is that I already have a Playmobil Roman Colosseum from a few years ago, shamefully unbuilt. It presently sits in its box in one of our clothes closets. About once every few months Sarah completely snaps her crayon and says something like, 'If we made a conscious decision not to have kids, why the hell do we have a Playmobil Colosseum in with our rubber boots?'
Some people simply don't understand - it's a disease, really.
My arcane points calculator (powered by finely ground teenagers) places this entry at 160 pips. Well done Jamie. Remember, you need to add a Policeman in that 8-year old dream team to make it complete. :)


  1. That is fantastic work Jamie, especially the repurposed toy ship :)

  2. Great stuff Jamie! I love a "quick" project. My 30k forces started out as "I'll do a couple of squads..."

  3. Great idea with that ship and those cannons as well. The Curtgeld figure looks excellent!

  4. Great work Jamie! The Playmobil ship actually looks very nice!

  5. "Where's me buccaneers?"

    Right here, apparently! Great repurposing on that pirate ship as well!

  6. Cracking stuff Jamie. Every time I've seen a Playmobil ship re-purposed I've thought the original designer must have had an ulterior motive! They're just wonderful for gaming. FWIW I'd say rudimentary rigging is better for gaming anyway - less to get caught on or damaged.

  7. Love the Turtle and the Playmobil ship!

  8. Yaaaarr! There be Pirates. Yaaaar. They be good. Yaaaar. Really good. Yaaaar.
    Great job. Cheers

  9. Absolutely brilliant. makes me want to play pirate games.

  10. Aaaar me hearties... Wonderful,stuff

  11. Love those pirates! I think my favourite is the bartender opening the bottle. I'll have to keep my eyes open for that ship, she's a beauty!

  12. Awesome entry, Jamie! I am uncertain what I like best the toy ship or the scurvy dog crew! Grand work!